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In this world, it’s important to set aside the right language to see how we view the world and take the best prospective for everything we deal with each day. Be it struggles, triumphs, anxiety, worry, fear, or whatever else we deal with.

So, first, there are two parts to the world – Truth and Reality. They’re two opposites of the coin.

Truth is your inner world, which is the big world.

Reality is the outer world, which is the small world.

Sometimes our reality doesn’t match the truth. The reason is that sometimes we’re unable to see what the bigger picture is.

For example, I may ask you what your reality is, and you will be able to answer because it’s all based on the outside world. But, if I ask what your truth is, it will make you pause and wonder. That’s because that’s based on who you really are! Your truth is bigger and it’s your purpose. And for most of us, we don’t know what that is. There are some things that happen in your reality, and when it occurred you thought it was negative, but later it ended up being positive in the bigger realm of things, while discovering your truth.

Reality is praying out of fear. It’s all about quantity. We view God as a tool to give us things and the only time we pray is to ask for things. Reality is bitter.

Truth is to pray out of abundance. It’s about quality. We view God as a source to hear to connect us to humanity and our purpose. Truth is sweet.

So, the difference between reality and truth is heaven and hell for you.

And the difference of balancing between these two worlds is not action. It is the Intention with which the action is taken.

How do you determine if the Intention is positive (truth) or negative (reality)?

Use these 4 questions:

  1. Is it just?
  2. Is it growth towards God?
  3. Does it encroach on other people lives?
  4. Does it speak ill of others (such as Gossip)?

So, this is how you lead towards Truth.

How you know you’re going in the right direction is that you will experience the opposite of what reality creates, which is Chaos. It will create peace.

The 4 things you should focus on to move towards Peace is:

  1. Peace with oneself
  2. Peace with others
  3. Peace with God
  4. Peace with the universe

Now that you’re aware of these two worlds, focus on your truth and peace to tap into your purpose. It will lead you towards peace and create a life that’s fair and just and connected with your highest level of consciousness!

If you are having trouble with finding awareness, perhaps the H3 hack can get you on the right path.

Learning Hacks – Implementation Formula H3 Hack – Jim Kwik 

Learning and memory expert – it’s the H3 – It’s from the head to the heart to the hands! You can have the head, and the mind connects to the heart (your purpose), and then if you don’t take action on the hands you’re set and heading in the right direction!

Once you figure out how you need to think about life, you can begin to figure out what you want to do in your life.

Finding Out What You Want to do in Life Hack – The Four Quadrants Test Hack – Jay Shetty 

– To find out what you should focus on to make money in life is at the intersection of four questions or quadrants. Question number one is, what am I good at? Question number two is what do I love doing? Question number three is what does the world need (or will it make an impact on the world)? Question number four is, how can I get paid for it? 

When you find the intersection of these four, you’ll be able to unlock your passion, fill your purpose, and be able to reach all of your financial goals!

Another way to look at this is the three Es! Element, Environment, Energy! 

Element is the skill set, or something that you are already driving! For example, Michael Jordan’s element was basketball! Even when he switched to Baseball, he realized he wouldn’t be remembered for baseball as much as he would be for basketball, so you must find the element you thrive in!

Environment is the surroundings. For example, fish and water is going to drive much more than a fish with the Bentley and $1 million environment. So, think about your surroundings and the people you associate with. Are they allowing you to thrive in that environment?

Energy – do you thrive in a place where there’s high-energy and high pressure, or low energy and low pressure? Knowing this will allow you to make sure you have the right amount of energy, to balance with your element, in your environment, for the best results!

If your results are not there, take a look and see if you align with your element! Are you doing what you’re good at, or are you in line with your environment, and are your surroundings helping with that! Are you aligned with your energy? Are you in a place where the energy is high and has the right amount of pressure in which resonates for you? These Three will help you to get the right attribute you need to get to that level!

Figuring out what you want your life to become is no easy feat, but it is rewarding. After knowing what you want to become, you need to figure out the direction to take to get there.

Finding Your Direction – Climb your own Mountain Hack – Alex Dee 

So, someone comes up to us and says, “climb a mountain!” We look at it and we’re like, yeah that looks fun and challenging let’s do it! So, we go climb the mountain! We deal with the rough terrain and the changing of the weather. We get into the high-altitude where we can barely breathe, we suffer frostbite, and we make it all the way to the top!

There were some great lessons we learn along the way, such as that we are tougher than we thought we were! Did we learn that we need to have better gear next time, to make sure we make it to the top? Maybe we climb the same mountain again, and by the end of it we get to the top only to find out that someone took the sticker off the bottom of the mountain, and it says, “it’s not your mountain!” Maybe when we climbed the mountain, we had some failures along the way, and we fall off the mountain! I think part of the reason is that it’s not your mountain!

Maybe climbing that mountain gives us the skill-set, the preparation, the mental toughness, or the certainty that we needed to discover, to be ready to climb our own mountain! The best way to discover what your mountain is, is to listen to your inner voice. What are you being called to climb? What’s that idea or thing that keeps resonating and coming back into your mind?

If you listen to the Inner Voice, you can now take the lessons you got from climbing the mountains of life and use them for climbing YOUR mountain! The mountain that was made personally for you and was put into your heart! Not only will you climb your mountain now, but you’ll be more equipped, based on your previous hiking lessons and have certainty that this is the right mountain for you and enjoy the process along the way.

Your direction in life can be closely tied to what you perceive your destiny to be.

Destiny Hack – Your Interpretation of Your Life Events in a way that Serves a Purpose! 

I’m going to tell you there’s no difference between you and Tony Robbins other than he’s as tall as a tree! It’s just skill-set and his ability to interpret his life’s events in a way that has given him purpose to transform others’ lives!

By realizing that you can become what you want to be, just like others have before you, you can begin to detach from the things that are holding you back.

Detachment Hack – Jay Shetty

Detachment is not that you are nothing. Detachment is that nothing owns you. Detachment means you’re self-controlled! So, going in for training for the month and shutting off from everything was one of the best ways to break free from detachment!

Things don’t always go our way though. When something happens that we didn’t plan, it’s useful to put things into perspective.

When Something Bad Happens – Life Prospective Hack – Gary Vee

When something happens in business, think of the most horrific thing that can happen, and since it hasn’t happened it’s important for you to give it perspective! For example, I pretend My family has died in a horrible accident! I go to a really dark place, feel the pain in my heart, and then realize that no matter what I’m dealing with right now, it’s not even in the same universe as something like that! Then I become grateful for losing that client, missing that opportunity, or being made fun of, etc!

You can make your life into what you want. You can block out the negativity, you can visualize your goal, and you can have the right perspective on your life. After all, life is about living, not just about surviving.

Live on Purpose, not Just to Survive Hack – Alex Dee

We are all put here on earth for a reason. We are here to serve a purpose! We’re put here on earth to live, not just to survive! Too many of us just survive and I wouldn’t want any of us to come here and do an 80-year life to just survive!

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