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“However you define your spirituality, it should EMPOWER you! You should be inspired and uplifted. If you’re not, you’re not interpreting it wisely!” T Harv Eker

What Does it Mean to be Spiritual Hack – Jay Shetty

I think in today’s world everyone takes the opinion of “I know what spirituality means, and it means to do a certain thing, or it means to meditate, or whatever that might be?”

I think a great definition of spirituality is that someone is looking to evolve. What that means is, most of the time we are looking to the outside for spirituality where really the answer comes from within. For most people who are trying to go from the bottom to the top, and they are thinking there are different levels. For me, I try to go more from the outside to the inside. Those are the levels that I’m seeking. The deeper that I can go within myself allows me to gain an understanding of myself. This is how I relate to the world and it allows me to better serve my higher source. I think that is a more accurate depiction of how I like to follow spirituality. The deeper I go with that, and how I am able to do that, whether it’s meditation and yoga, a good spiritual book, your religion, or yoga at the beach. Whatever it is that allows you to dwell deeper within yourself to gain a better understanding, is what will bring you more in tune with your own spirituality. Look at spirituality like you look at the sun. Everyone is spiritual in the same way that the sun is always there. Just because there are clouds some days, doesn’t mean that the sun is not there. The sun is always there. It’s just some days you have clouds and it’s overcast! Think of people being spiritual in this same way! It’s not that they’re not spiritual! It’s just that they’re covered by clouds sometimes. Just as the sun is always there even though you can’t see it because it’s overcast, we all as humans are spiritual, even if you sometimes can’t see it!

While the term spiritual is often thought of as a religious experience, these two experiences are not the same thing.

Spiritual vs. Religious Hack – Vipassana Meditation

Religion is an organization and a way to get to spirituality. It’s one way that can help. But spiritualty is our journey in life to build a personal relationship with God. You could use religion to reach a deeper connection with God, but the overall goal is to build your own PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God. There is a different path for each of us and being able to tap into that deep relationship can give you the greatest fulfillment.

Fulfillment is the ultimate state of our spiritual being. While it might seem impossible to attain, we are actually born with a head start.

Born with Blessing Hack – George Munford

George Munford, coach to Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls during their second championship run, says re-frame to ideas that idea of a life with Sin and being born with sin to being born with a blessing. That we are all masterpieces that are being born and start out with goodness and whether that level of goodness gets amplified is based on the thoughts and the feelings we associate with ourselves. All babies are born being innocent without any thoughts or beliefs until they incorporate it through their parents and environment. This one distinction, of being born with blessing, instead of sin, allows us to know that we’re inherently good, and that’s the place that we’re looking to return to!

Once you know that you are born with the ability to attain fulfillment through spirituality, next its time to figure out how to get it. To do this, we need to know what spirituality is to us.

How to View Spirituality Hack – Alex Dee

We all have different spiritual beliefs. What most of us believe is that there is some type of higher power that is greater than ourselves. For the purpose of this conversation, we’re going to call it by the language most of us use, God! So, if you’re Going to believe in God, it’s a question of what type of God you believe we have. Is it an angry God that makes you feel guilty and you have to constantly please him by doing good work? Or do we believe in a God that’s forgiving and compassionate and loving? If it’s the second, then I know that no matter what I do, God has already forgiven me! Because he doesn’t want me to keep walking around and feeling guilty from the mistakes I made. He’s like son, you are forgiven so, what do you want to create with your life? This allows me to let go of my past, all of the mistakes I have made, and mistakes I will continue to make every day, and lets me focus on getting better! I do it because I’m already guilt-free and free from condemning myself! I feel good and have the space to create and be happy! And obviously as a result, I can help others and serve both myself and others with my talents and passions!

To describe this in a story so it sinks in, the best one I can share is the one with the prodigal son from the bible.

Whether you’re Christian for the purpose of this story is irrelevant. It’s about the moral of the story!

A son had left his father and squandered his inheritance. He’s heading back home to ask his father to take him back as a hired servant. Before he has a chance to say anything, his father sees him, runs to him, and embraces him. The father says to their servants to bring out the best robe. Get a ring and sandals for my son! Let’s kill the fatted calf and celebrate.

Now the older son hears about this and becomes angry. When the father comes to ask the older son what’s wrong, he says look, I’ve been serving you all my life and you never gave me a calf to celebrate with all my friends. But as soon as your prodigal son comes home, you kill the fatted calf for him!

His father said, son, you are always with me and all that I have is yours. We should celebrate because your brother was dead and now, he’s alive again. He was lost and now he’s found!”

How this older son sees his father is how we see God most of the time. He’s a hard and stingy God! He believed he had to work hard to be accepted and be loved by his father to be given his inheritance. But he’s already loved and already had the inheritance! He could have thrown the fatted calf celebration anytime. He didn’t have to wait.

As for the prodigal son, he wanted to ask his father for forgiveness but before he had a chance to do so, the father celebrated his life and said thru his action you’re already forgiven.

This is the type of God I believe we have. One that created the universe so it can experience life through us! To be forgiving, compassionate, and loving! This allows us to serve our highest selves for both ourselves and others in humanity!

Understanding our own personal God is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment. Another is to understand how our own personal God gives us grace.

Grace Hack – Kathy Bates

I don’t know if there’s a God up there like we imagine him to be, bearded guy in the sky now. But I do believe that there’s a God within each one of us. And I think when God shows up in our lives it’s normally in a moment of grace. What I mean by grace is that there’s a listening that’s so deep between us that there is a connection. And you made a conscious choice to make that connection. That’s where I feel like we experience God! We get to illuminate more of who someone is. A lot more than just their careers, but who they are as human beings.

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