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Success Hacks on Relationships

“Send a note every other day to your spouse of what you appreciate about them!” – Garrett White

“Go back and treat them the same way you did when you were dating!” – Tony Robbins

When you’re right, shut up. When you’re wrong, ask for forgiveness.” Husband – Married for 30 years

“Date night – once a week – mandatory!”

“Relationship has to do with you, not them! It’s all about you!”

“No amount of success compensates for failure in the home!”

Become the Person They Want Hack – Jay Shetty

How to attract the person you want – most people have a list of the items of what they want for their partner. But they don’t have a list of who they have to become in order to obtain their match! This requires self-awareness of knowing who you are. Do you have the same qualities that are on your list for your partner? Tony Robbins talks about how if you want to obtain the partner of your dreams, make a list of all the attributes and values that you want in your partner. Then you have to become that yourself and you will attract them!

Deep Listening Hack – Casper Craven

One of the biggest parts that led to us making the decision to sail around the world with family was taking six months speaking with my wife to find out what it is that we each wanted. So, she would tell me what she wanted I would do a process called deep listening. I would come back to her by saying “so if I heard you correctly this is what I am hearing you say…” This process of Deep listening makes sure that we are on the same page!

It’s You and Me vs The Problem Hack

When you argue, It’s not you vs me! – I recently got married earlier this year, and obviously our marriage is far from perfect. We argue, and disagree, and sometimes can’t stand to be around each other. I grew up in a very hostile environment and having an argument with a family member was awful. Personal attacks were always used, instant anger, and no mutual understanding was ever to be had. It was always about who was right and how to make them feel bad.

When I got married, I quickly noticed that my fighting habits were toxic for our relationship. My husband said something to me that changed everything moving forward in our relationship. I also use it in every relationship I have. He told me, “It’s not you vs me, love. It’s You and Me Vs Problem. We are always a team.” It’s helped me overcome some serious rifts in my personal relationships and I will never forget it.

How to Handle Disagreements Intelligently Hack! – Jon and Missy Butcher

When we’re both in an agitated state, it’s called emotional hijacking. Make it a game where the first one who comes to their senses and apologizes gets to be the hero. Make the apology as soon as possible and mean it!

Love Languages Hack – How to Love Your Spouse

All of us have different ways of showing and receiving love. It’s usually based on how we were loved in our lives. But each person has 5 love languages. And one or two are primary and secondary.

The five love languages are:

Words of Affirmation – they show or receive love by words – ex. I love you, you’re beautiful.

Physical Affection – they show or receive love by touch – ex. Hugging, kissing, cuddling

Acts of Service – they show or receive love by performing some type of service – ex. Cleaning, cooking, paying the bills

Quality Time – they show or receive love by spending time – ex. Going on a walk, weekend trip

Gifts – they show or receive love with gifts – ex. Jewelry, clothes 

All of us have a way in which we receive love. So, if one person in the couple has quality time as their love language, but their spouse keeps praising them with words or performing services, they’re not fulfilling the main love language where they feel loved. So, the best way to love your spouse is to figure out which love language do they feel loved and perform that love language with them. You can see which one works best for you and share with them how to love you, so you’re fulfilled. These are not taught to us in school, so discovering this allows both partners to feel loved and make sure their cup is filled to the brim! ?

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