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Success Hacks for Public Speaking

The 3 Speaker Hacks – Simon Sinek

How to be able to speak even if you’re afraid of public speaking – There is a correlation between what you’re passionate about and your belief in your ability to communicate it!

If you focus on what you love, such as baseball, or stories, or things that you believe in, you can be an effective speaker! You’ll never have to do impression of anyone else, because you are passionate about what you love!

Second, your job as the speaker is not to get the audience to believe in what you’re saying, it’s to make sure you believe in what you’re saying! If you can do that, you will be an effective communicator and speaker!

That’s influence! Influence is you believing that you believe it!

The third speaker hack is to know who your audience is and prepare in advance!

The Separation is in the preparation!

Focus on the fact that what you’re going to share is going to help at least one or more people! That’s it! You will inspire them which is to say you allow their spirit to rise and have their own identity shift!

So, the 3 hacks are, focus on a subject you’re passionate about, prepare in advance and tailor it to your audience, and three, when in doubt, focus out, as this is about not you, but the impact your talk will have on them!

Inspiring Person Hack

The most inspiring person is the one overcoming the fear of doing something, not the one who’s excellent at it!

Swimming in the Ocean Hack – Jerry Seinfeld

How to get over Stage Fright – When asked what it was like to play in front of 80,000 people, he simply responded, “If you’re swimming in the ocean, it doesn’t matter how deep the water is, all you can do is swim!” Meaning, the size of the audience doesn’t matter. You have to speak, whether it’s for 8 or 80,000 people, so just focus on delivering your message authentically! 

Color and Music Hack – Joe Vitale

How to prepare to give a great talk – What you do is imagine your talk is something other than the speech.

In other words, if your presentation was a piece of music, what type of music would you want it to be? If your talk was a color, what color would make your actual talk richer and more alive?

For example, for my talk I imagined a fiery red color with white streaks. That symbolizes high-energy and inspiration, all qualities I wanted to project.

For the music, I immediately conjured up an image of Melissa Ethridge, a passionate rock star who stirs her crowd with music that pulsates and a voice that soars. To me, she says, “Be strong! Do not be afraid of your power! Rock!”

This is how I mentally prepared for this talk, for several weeks, and after speaking in a group with 20 other speakers, I was voted number one by the crowd!

I’m not saying this to brag but to get to my point is that anyone, even you, can learn to become a powerful speaker. When you’re standing up in front of a crowd of prospects, do they see you as an authority? When you entertain and educate them, they remember you. And to gain your services, they’ll hire you.

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