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Private Coaching With Alex Dee

Personal coaching is not a one size fits all model!

We each have gotten to where we’re at based on our own individual experience. We have different backgrounds, beliefs, parents, people we’re surround by. Now why is it we think group coaching would work when we have our own insights and the unique lowest hanging challenge we need to solve and it’s different to each of us.

We focus on making your aware of two things:

1. The gap between where we’re at today and the life we want to create for ourselves has to start with becoming aware of our own blind spots. The challenge is recognizing our own blind spots because we’re not aware of them (hence the word blind).

And most of the time you’ll be focused on thinking that what you want is more sales or time with your family. But there’s a deeper component that’s keeping you from being who you want to be to make this happen, be it emotional, mental, spiritual that’s blocking you without you even knowing it. As they say, the “thing” is never really about “the thing”. So it’s important to get to the root so you can have the transformation needed to become who you want to be.

What makes us unique is we handle both business and personal coaching as each challenge that comes up is going to be real time and different for you. It’s like your own unique fingerprint. And every week, you deal with different type of challenges. We help you handle challenges in every facet of your life and develop hacks to overcome them once and for all! This includes:

* Personal Coaching
* Mindset
* Mental Toughness and tenacity to overcome any challenge that comes before you
* Physical – building life full of energy and vitality
* Emotional – the most underrated and most powerful breakthroughs. You could have things holding you back that are deeply rooted in your subconscious you’re not aware of. Once you’re able to release these limitations, you feel lighter and just be happy!
* Spiritual – Being able to connect to the universe and your source energy within yourself can knock out all those main challenges that keep popping up every time you have any type of success. This allows you to have peace and enjoy each moment and be fulfilled through your beautiful journey (including all those challenges) in life.
* Business Coaching – While we understand that mind-set is where it all begins, we also understand the specifics when it comes to business so we can help you when dealing with any of the following challenges which we have experts for each realm:
* Marketing
* Offers
* Sales
* Funnels
* Running ads
* Webinars/Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
* Building Teams
* Productivity
* Scaling your Business!

The reason why we cover all these facets is because these are all the areas that make up your life. And based on experience with our clients, we know at any time, you’re going to deal with any one of these challenges and it will always be different things and you’re going to do a deep dive and find the solution quick. This gives you one resource to turn to so you can get the solution you need for that challenge NOW! No need to have 20 different places to go for each problem (for ex., one place for mindset, another place for business, another place for scaling, etc. You get it!) We got you covered under our coaching program! And since each of our experts are THE BEST in their particular field, you can rest assured you’re getting the customized solution that will get you the fastest results to your challenges each time they come up! Which leads me to the next part!

2. If I asked you how is your life on a scale of 1-10, you might say 7 or 8. What if I told you that the scale actually didn’t stop at 10, but goes up to 1000! What would you think then? Our biggest challenge is not hitting our goals, but not realizing just how powerful we are. And what we can truly create in our lives. You may want to build a $100 million dollar company and positively impact a ton of lives. Or you may want to move to a farm and live a quiet life where you’re able to be a great parent and spouse and just love on your family while having peace of mind. It doesn’t matter because all these goals will essentially change as you go thru different journeys in different parts of your life. The only question is, what is your capacity to become aware of these instantly so instead of wasting months or even years, you can become aware quickly, make a decision, and fully execute on it, knowing this is who you truly are, with no regrets, and be fulfilled.

That is power!

When you can be able to become aware real time on what’s in front of you and execute according to your values, you can create a life that you haven’t even dreamed of yet because you didn’t realize you had the capacity to play life at a such a large level.

THIS ultimately is our company’s mission!

To give you the biggest breakthroughs in the fastest time with whatever challenge you’re dealing with NOW! And while you’re getting long term solutions when overcoming those limitations, keep knocking out those challenges in every facet of your life as you keep transforming and growing into the next level of you who are to become!

And we’ve done a lot of the deep work ourselves, so we know its power and what happiness, peace, results, and fulfillment it’s created for us and our members.

So if this resonates for you, and you’re up to getting that breakthrough and doing the work now to get there quick vs. the possibility of spending the rest of your time moving through life unconsciously without tapping into who you could truly become, then you’re a good match for us serve you.

Fill in the form below. We’ll be following up to schedule a free discovery call. By the end of the call, you’ll be able to see the value and if we’re a good match.

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