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Curiosity and Micro-Experiments Hacks – John and Missy Butcher

Lifebook – Mindvalley How to discover your passions There are two ways you can discover what might be your passion

– 1) Follow your curiosity – if you’re not sure, ask yourself “What am I curious about.” Let’s say its cooking, and you really like it but not sure if it’s your passion. Then you do #2
– 2) Micro-experiments – try doing experiments to find out if this is something you really want to do. For example, for cooking you can go to culinary classes and see if you like it. If you like sales and marketing, try becoming a freelancer or working for a company as an intern for short time and see if it’s something you enjoy.

These two hacks are a great way to discover what your passion may be. Once you find something that you’re curious about and do an experiment, if you hate it, then you know that’s not the one and it saves you a lot of time! But if it absolutely lights you up, then now you can dive deeper and focus on this being your thing to live out your passion in life!

Impact on the world you want to have – having people live the greatest version of themselves while on this planet! 100 Million is a great number!

What Makes You Cry Hack – Amanda Nguyen

How to be Authentic hackAsk yourself, “what makes you cry?” Because whatever moves you to tears is what you’re passionate about! It could be out of joy or it could be out of sadness! What is it that strikes your heart and your soul where you feel it? What is it that makes you jump out of bed late every morning? Whatever causes those feelings is where you are closest to your soul and that is what you want to share because then you’re sharing from a place of your authenticity!

Passion Versus Obsession Hack – Brandan Bouchard

Should you only focus on your passions? There are two prevailing theories – focus on your strengths – one thing! That’s it Or, add skill sets where you’re weak! That’s with your passion and everybody chimes In. Most people are like, you need to do what you’re passionate about, and like you found your passion that’s fantastic congratulations! Passion, passion, passion! It’s all about the passion!

But when you’re obsessed people say, “why you got to be so crazy!” Why do you have to focus so hard, take a break?” If you haven’t gotten obsessed with whatever you’re working on, then you have not reached the outer limits of your potential! So, what do you obsess over? Obsess over mastery. And it doesn’t have to be something you know at that start! Anything I learn I focus on mastery and build up from there/ Have some Passion about it, but it would help more when that passion becomes an obsession!

Focus on Impact, Growth or Mastery Hack – Cal Newport

Does research show following your passion actually leads to fulfillment –It’s funny, so many people say to follow your passion and we kept thinking that that was the case! But after that, we did the research and found out most people that were at their jobs a long time, didn’t understand their job, or didn’t start it because of their passion! In fact, go to a college kid or anyone else, and in most cases, people don’t have an intrinsic value that they know what their passion is. That is what the very first assumption is that most people know what they’re passionate about, but the truth is most people don’t. What we have discovered based on research is that most people stay in their jobs and get fulfilled mostly by impact, value, growth, or mastery of that position! Those are the primary things that make someone find fulfillment and stay at their jobs longer or do it for a longer period of time. So this proves the assumption wrong that you have to live for your passion is most people don’t know what it is and then what we discovered that instead of following your passion you should follow mastery or growth or impact and that will get you closer towards fulfillment. And then passion follows the mastery.

Be So Good That They Can’t Ignore You Hack – Cal Newport

So what is the hack when you know you’ve reached that stage of mastery? – Becoming a master and learning a skill set that is unambiguously valuable. You do that, all kinds of good things come to good work, including real satisfaction and fulfillment from your work. Now as far as what skill sets to master, well it might not be your passion. You should create a list six or seven things that you might find remotely interesting. Most people focus on the fact that to master it might also open up some more options for them, such as more time or more income. So, narrow it down to six or seven things that are unambiguously valuable and then pick one you master. That would give you more options where there’s not just income but other things that you would find that are important to you (more time, more freedom, more impact!)

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