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Parents Philosophy Quotes:

 “I’m not better than you. I’m just further along than you!”
“You’re a gift from God to me. I’m your steward and managing you for God! “

Do You Give Your Wealth to Your Kids or Not? – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary does not plan on doing so. He plans on instilling kindness and instilling perspective and teaching them how to think. He makes sure he doesn’t micro-manage or anything that his parents have done.

There was a very successful guy who sold his company. He works with people who sell companies and he was trying to decide how to take care of his kids after he sold his company. He had a lot of money and was deciding whether to leave it to his kids and gave the best advice: He said “I’m not going to give you ANYTHING, but I’m going to give you EVERYTHING. This means, I’ll give you access to resources, but you’re going to have to do the work!

Learning what to pass down to your children is important. Your job is to give them the tools they need to succeed in the world. One such tool is critical thinking.

Teaching Critical Thinking Hack – Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis says with his kids, he always asks two questions when he drops them off at school. One question is, are they teaching them grit, which is don’t give up no matter what! No matter what! The second one is curiosity; he asks what questions they asked today because he wants to get them in the state of asking questions and being curious to get their brains in a constant flow of creation!

Thinking critically allows you to take on any problem that comes your way, but that doesn’t mean you have to take them on alone.

Making a Decision as a Family – Aniela Gregorek

Aniela Gregorek says to deal with challenges as a family. She came up with an eating out jar solution. You set up as a family at a table and write up all the ideas where you’d like to eat. The reason is that usually one person comes up with ideas and it is met with resistance. This was a great way to introduce ideas and experiences without the need to waste time or use force, manipulation, or persuasion. The ideas are put into a jar and then picked out when it’s time to eat. Everyone gets a chance to eat where they want.

She did the same thing with a happiness jar to deal with down time as a family. The family came up with ideas of things they all like and enjoy, and they pick ones so that everyone had a vote and got to do what they liked at one time. Now they don’t waste time on making simple decisions, we just pull the jar out and randomly pick one, and we all love (or accept) the choice!

Understanding Your Parents 

Coming from a Place of Love Hack – Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh describes how to deal with parents who don’t understand you wanting to be an entrepreneur. She said, “It’s not that my parents didn’t love me – it’s just that they don’t get it because back in their time when they grew up, the only way you can make money was to go to school and get a job. But now there are all these opportunities where I make money by making videos on something called YouTube. They don’t get it or how that works but all they want is to not have me be homeless and to know that I’m OK. So, as long as you understand that, and don’t try to make it personal, and realize that it’s done out of love, you’ll be in good shape!

Love many different forms. As parents, one way we show our love is by worrying that our children are ready for what comes their way.

Worry, Happy Hack – Alex Dee

I’ve dealt with a lot of different family and friends and parenting. I discovered a simple formula. Your parents’ job is to worry. Your job is to be happy. The more you’re happy, the less they will worry. The less happy you are, or you try to please them, the more they worry to where it becomes a perpetual cycle. So, there’s an inverse proportion to this worry-happy principle. The happier you are and in discovering you who are, the less your parents will be worried about you. So, don’t focus on them, focus on yourself and what gives you pure joy and bliss. When they see you in that state of fulfillment, they will worry less. Notice I said worry less?  I didn’t say stop worrying. I honestly don’t believe most parents will stop worrying about their kids. Do your best to be as happy as you can be. If you do that, they will worry the least amount they can!

Focusing on yourself will show your parents that they did a great job in helping you get ready for the world, but how do you get your own children to think the same way?

How Hard to Push Your Kids Hack 

Teaching Them to Hunt Hack – Will Smith

Will Smith talked about his son Jaden Smith who was doing The Karate Kid movie and was injured during the movie. Will was on him and constantly telling him to get back out there and recuperate so he can get this movie done, and his son was just like I want mom… LOL. When he was asked “why do you push your son so hard in order to get the results, and when is too much too much?” Will Smith responded with, “I’m teaching my son how to hunt! When he goes out there and he’s a man in the world, the world is not going to be nice. The tougher he can be and breakthrough these adversities now, at a young age, those are the lessons that are going to stay with him for the rest of his life. The next time he has a big adversity or an challenge it’s almost embedded in his mind that he’s a hunter and he can overcome anything!”

Teaching your children how to hunt is showing them that they have the ability to take matters into their own hands when they need to. It also allows them to want to succeed, and that desire is what pushes them to be better. This is an important distinction. You need to focus your children into working hard to achieve their dreams not because it’s what you want them to do, but because it’s what they want.

Wanting More for Yourself than I want it for You Hack – Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton is a NFL player whose son wanted to become an NFL star. He was asked “How hard do you push him?” His response was “I want him to want it for himself. I’ll always be there to support him, but I want him to want it more for himself than I do. So when he says he wants to become an NFL star, that’s great but in order to do that he’s going to run track, and what is he doing that the other guys aren’t doing? Because that’s what it’s going to take! It’s good you want to be the best in your school, but if you want to be in the NFL, you’ve got to be the best in your county, your best in your state, the best in a place where you’re going to be in the top 1%. So, you’re really going to have to want it. I’ll be there to support you because no matter what you do. I’m there for you, but I’ll know you really want it when you wake up at six in the morning yourself, when you’re going to want to go run routes yourself without me having to tell you. Once you start doing it for yourself, without me having to tell you, then I’ll know you’re going to be successful at it!”

Of course getting your children to think this way is no easy task. This brings about the question, how do you raise your kids to be independent thinkers who strive for success?

Best Ways to Raise Kids’ Hacks

Don’t Raise, Cultivate Your Kids Hack – Unknown

A guru said that many of us think we have to raise children. You only raise sheep and cattle. You don’t raise human beings, you cultivate them. What does that mean? That means we allow them to cultivate into the possibility of who they are going to become! I’m not going to raise them to become like us and follow our light, or religion, or beliefs, but I will allow them to cultivate into the unique being that they are! The important part is not to work on raising a legacy, but rather to cultivate a life. By influencing your child for social media or other things, it allows the child to cultivate their ability to practice their intrinsic intelligence, so they can discover who they want to become.

You can cultivate a lot of different things in your children, but perhaps the most important thing is their curiousity.

Cultivate Curiosity Hack – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson says that the job of the parent is not so much to create force and discipline, but to allow kids to have their own curiosity. “To give you a perfect example, we were in New York and just finished up the play. I’m outside and there was a lady with her kid and as they were going across the street there was this big puddle and you could just tell the kid wanted to go and jump in there. She grabbed his hand and pulled the kid away. There was an experiment for the kid to figure out what would happen by jumping into the water, causing force, and allowing them to live out that curiosity. But in that one second where curiosity was created, it was extinguished. So, the job of the parent is not so much to crater. Of course, if there’s something that’s in harm’s way, they can step in, but more to allow the kids to live out their natural curiosity and play out their experiments in life so they can see for themselves and learn. The natural curiosity begins even before kindergarten and continues all the way through high school. Eventually it allows them to be avid learners were curiosity becomes a part of who they are and in doing so, develops critical thinking skills where they can make wise decisions when the parents are not around!”

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