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“Leadership it’s not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those people that are in our Charge. The very responsibility of a leader is not to drive performance and get results. The responsibility of the leader to lead those who are responsible to achieve those results.” – Simon Sinek

There is little doubt that leadership is a skill, and some people are better at it than others. First and foremost, to be an effective leader, you need to have the right mindset.

How Far Can I Go Hack – John C Maxwell

When I was 26 I wanted to learn how to become a better leader, and Earl Nightingale said if you can practice an hour a day on whatever scale you want to master you can become an expert within five years. So that’s exactly what I started doing. I started reading an hour day on leadership, talking to different leaders, and finding out how are they able to have so much success. Within a few years I was leading one of the top 10 churches in the US. It came to a point where I realized that I had grown so much as a leader that it wasn’t about when I was going to become a good leader, but how far can I go? I switched from having a goal mind set, to having a growth mindset, where now it’s 50 years later and I’ve written 100 books. Most people would say that you’ve read more books than I read and obviously that was not my goal but as I was growing that was the result. I’m just asking myself how far I can grow, and here we are and I’m still growing and sharing my experience with the world.

Once you have figured out that it is about growth instead of achieving goals, you then need to figure out what kind of leader you want to grow into.

How Do I Become the Leader I Wish I Had Hack – Simon Sinek

Certain leaders get a lot of training and get to the junior level management. But unless they actually had great training from one of their leaders at some point, the business fails because the core element is to drive results, not to develop leaders! So how do you develop leadership? That’s like asking someone how to be a great parent? So, you read books, you look at others, and you deal with your own individual team members! Do you do the overall two essential themes? One, the leader looks to develop other leaders, not just hit goals. When you develop leaders, the goal achievement becomes a natural byproduct. Two, the leader is open to constantly growing and willing to make dynamic changes! This again is like becoming a parent, you have to take it on a case-by-case basis, listen, and make the necessary changes. A great question to ask as you cultivate your leadership skills is, the Great leadership Question Hack of “How Do I Become the Leader I Wish I Had?”

Many people confuse being a leader with being a dictator. You do not need to bark orders and demand results to be a good leader. In fact, sometimes it is a good idea to show the people you are leading that you have flaws just like everyone else.

Share Your Weaknesses Hack – John C Maxwell

For top-level leadership. I was at a large company conference with some of the top-level guys and their employees. One of the things I shared was that you have got to share your weaknesses with your team! I could tell right away that it didn’t sit well, and a lot of top-level guys were leaving, basically stiff-arming me! I stuck around at the end to sign a few books and I saw the CEO was right next to me and he said I have to disagree with you. You don’t show your weaknesses! He gave me that old school leadership talk about how you never let them see your weakness! And I let him go through his process so I could be his therapist for the day. I told him; you know you don’t show your weakness of your team so that they know the weakness! Here’s the key, they already know your weaknesses! You share your weaknesses with your team because then they know that you know those weaknesses exist. And they can then say thank God, he’s aware of that! It lets you build trust with them as you build a company. In fact, one of the biggest things you can do as a leader is to share with your team the things you’re working on, because it will make you more relatable with them.

Sharing your weaknesses with your team establishes a connection. They no longer see you as someone that is above them, but rather someone they can relate to. Once you have established that connection, there are three other areas to work on to become a more effective leader.

The Three Areas to Focus on to Develop Leadership Hacks – John C Maxwell

After 50 years of doing leadership I think there’s really three areas of focus that you can nurture to develop great leaders. Number one is what they used to say is the old adage of, follow me, which means that any 89% of people are visual and they’re going to watch what you do rather than what you say! So, go ahead and take the action that you want emulated with your other leaders. This is probably one of the biggest influences on cultivating leadership.

The Second focus of leadership is you have to be intentional! This means you have to intentionally focus on the fact that leadership among your team is one of your main areas of focus and build it into the weekly and daily activities. We’re training one of our companies at AT&T, and the guy said, you know you guys as our employees are one of our most appreciate assets. Everybody clapped and that sounded good and all, but the only way they become appreciable assets is if you actually nurture and teach them leadership. What I mean by that is getting older is automatic! But growing is not automatic, so you have to nurture that. You have to be intentional in saying that I’m in a developing leadership culture and I’m going to develop leaders intentionally.

The Third focus of leadership is to empower them. You have to give them the ball and let them lead. I always get pushback on this from other leaders as they’ll say, well they’re not as good as I am when they do it. And I say, it doesn’t matter! You have to let them lead and coach them through the process until they do. This is that five step process which I teach, which is, 1) I lead, and you watch me. 2) You lead and I watch you. 3) You lead by yourself. 4) You lead with someone else that watches you. 5) You watch someone else lead that establishes the multiplication process of developing leaders. When we did our hiring process, we would always tell them, hey, you got the job and let me see you do a good job now that you got it! And while you are you doing a good job, find someone to replace you so we can move you up! Now you want to talk about empowering someone and cultivated leadership, boy, that gets them fired up! Mark Kohl, who’s now a partner in my company, started as a store clerk at his company. Nine times he worked himself out of a job, where he trained someone to take over his position so he can continue to move up until he got to where he wanted to be! I think if you focus on those three core principles, which is take action, being intentional, and empowering your team to be leaders to where they elevate themselves up while building a duplicable process, that’s where others will look and see that there’s a leadership culture and if they want to grow and become a leader, this is where you want to be!

Learning these three areas of focus can help you become a leader that people want to follow. In essence, you become someone that influences others to be great.

Influence Hack – John C Maxwell

People always ask me, what is a good leader, and I say leaders are really nothing more than influence. It’s the ability to influence others because a good leader can recognize them because they have influence over others are able to lead. So, practice the skill set of, how do I influence people, will make you a better leader. Part of that journey is giving value to your people, because people can either be your biggest asset, or your biggest liability, depending on how you treat them. If you’re able to give value to people and have them see the value in themselves, you will be able to influence them, and that is the beginning and the sign of a good leader!

Being someone that influences greatness in others is the very heart of what makes a great leader. However, in order to influence someone, you need to be able to meet people where they are at.

Meet People Where They are at Hack – John C. Maxwell

How to influence others. As I mentioned before, leadership is not a title or a position, it is the ability to influence. I think one of the best things you can ever do is to influence! It’s a go to where those you want to lead a pack and meet them in their environment. Go to their homes or go to their environment and get to know them at that level, because they’re not going to come to you at the top. So, you’re going to need to meet them on their ground, so they feel comfortable with you. To give you the best example I can of showing how influence works is my own story of Claude and Danny.

Claude is one where influence works and Danny is one who chose not to use influence and ended up destroying the organization. The story goes like this! I was 22 and first time in leading a church group of farmers and they didn’t know me, and I could care less about my position. So, they weren’t going to listen to me! We held our first board meeting and I was a chairman of the board and asked if there was anything that they wanted to talk about. A farmer named Claude raised his hand and said, well Pastor, one of the things we need is to paint the door because it’s old and rusted and that’s the first thing people see when they come in our church, so we need to paint that door! There was a guy named Benny next to him. He seconds that, and then everybody else agrees and so that was that. I asked if there was something else and Claude raises his hand again and says, well pastor, we got all the storage in the back and we need to move that out so we can use that as a daycare for the church. Benny seconds that and everybody else agrees! And for everything Claude would bring up I noticed Benny would agree to it and the rest of the church would fall in place. So, I went home, and my wife asked me how did it go? I responded I learned a very valuable lesson today. There are only two things I need to lead the church; I need God and Claude.

So, I call Claude later on that week before the next board meeting and said hey, do you mind if I come down and run some chores with you at your farm, and he said, sure, I’d love that pastor! I went down there and I asked him what else do you think we need to work on and at the same time I brought up some of the points that I thought were important and asked him if he wouldn’t mind bringing that up at the next board meeting. And he would agree to my proposals and say, yeah that sounds good and he would bring it up! For the next three years we grew the church of a few dozen to 300, but every board meeting we had I would ask if there’s anything that needed to be brought up, and Claude would raise his hands and bring up the proposals that we had talked about, and then Benny would second it and everybody else would agree.

On my next job I got a chance to work with the pastor where when I came in, I shared with him the Claude’s story and how we were able to transform the church. The main pastor there, Danny, I’ll never forget that when I shared this with them at a local restaurant and we’re having breakfast. He was getting all uptight and said, look, we’re not going to go to a Farmer’s house and start doing chores. This is my church and people like Claude need to know their place. And I remember just laying back and not saying anything but just thinking this is one stupid man. Sure enough, that church went down eight months later and then he went on to work three other churches in the next two years, but he was done. All those churches went down and he got burnt out.

Those are the leadership principles you want to look at when it comes to influence, which is do you want to run it like Claude, or do you want to run it like Danny. The ability to meet people where they’re at and build up leaders and build your influence will go a long way when you do the Claude principle. The biggest thing to note here is you don’t need to get the credit, just the results!

This story is a great example of how influence can work when it is done the right way. When it comes to leadership, teaching, or coaching, the way you influence someone is to find out what motivates them to do the things they do. When it comes to motivation, there are two ways to go about it.

Two Ways to Coach People Hack – Alex Dee

You coach someone based on what motivates them! One way to coaching is with all positive reinforcement and that is the way that I’d say 90% of the people respond to because the slightest negative comment could break them! But we have learned that the quickest way to get results is by going through pain and resistance as fast as we can. And for those that are open to it, which is the other 10%, you should be very direct and brutally honest. While this will cause great pain at the beginning, they will absorb the feedback, make the tweaks and get faster results because, after the initial points are made, they can be objective and use that info to grow and take action quickly! So, coach based on what will propel the student to taking action!

Motivation and influence are what leaders use to get the most out of the people that they are leading. To be a good leader, you need to influence others to be the best that they can be, and to become leaders themselves. In short, you need to be a source of inspiration in others.

Inspire Hack – Tia Lopez

The best way to lead someone is to inspire them! You can coach them and tell them what to do but typically when you tell someone what to do they do the exact opposite! That’s why my videos lead with me racecar driving and showing them the house, so they buy into the rewards and then they come back and say well how did you do that? And I say by making money online! But I lead with the results, not the how to! The how doesn’t matter if it inspires them to get the results they want!

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