How to Use Regrets to Hit Your Goals Hack

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Success Hacks on Using Regrets to Hit Your Goals

Legacy and Relationships Hack – Ed Mylett

How to set goals so you have no regrets? – When you die, what’s left is your legacy and your relationships! Goals in general don’t work, but you show me someone with a compounding, compelling emotional reason, and I’ll show you someone who is changing their standards and identity all day long! All about reasons and levers!

For example, I wasn’t making the amount of money that I wanted to. There was a reason… Provide, worry about money, to be able to have finances taken care of, the ability to have a home, and without any financial strain!

I now had an emotionally compelling reason to succeed! And the Reasons became bigger than any goal!  

How do you motivate or inspire someone to find their reasons? There are essentially only three motivators! Someone’s childhood, their death, and the people they meet in between!

So, in death, we all want to live the best version of ourselves, but that seems so far away. So, the best way to hack that is to bring it (death) closer to you!

For example, I know that if I was going to pass away next year, I would be living life as fully as possible in the next 12 months! Yet all of us live as if we have 20 to 30 years left. And yet we all know there’s no guarantee we’re going to wake up tomorrow! So, I plan my life based on those increments, and if I was to pass away by next year, I’ve lived the most fulfilling life I could’ve lived until then!

As far as people, get the people that they care about and link their dreams and accomplishments to them!

Coffin Hack – Michael E. Gerber

The E Myth – What would you like them to say about your life when you’re in your coffin and it’s too late to do anything about it? Whatever that is, that’s what you want to start working on now!

Every Second You’re Dying Hack – Ryan Holiday

Don’t look at it as if it’s something that’s going to happen to you later on in your life. Look at it as if every second you are dying. What that means is, if you just spent an hour watching TV, you just spent an hour dying. This helps me realize just how fleeting life is and more importantly, the fact that we are actually dying every second, so we better live up to what we want to create for every second we have now!

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