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Success Hacks on How to Take Action

There 2 kinds of people – those who respond well to pressure and time constraints and those that don’t!

Let’s start with those that don’t respond well to pressure and time constraints!

Finite Game vs. infinite Game Hack – Simon Sinek

This is for those who don’t respond well to pressure and time constraints. Most of us live life-based on a finite game model! We play life like it’s a game, like basketball. You play and someone wins, and someone loses! That’ll work for only playing the game!

In reality, what’s better is to play an infinite game! Life is a name for the game because you keep going and it doesn’t stop after one thing, and there’s no winners or losers! If you can just take out the concept of time you would achieve so much more because you’re not constantly thinking about it all the time. As humans we’ve been conditioned with the idea of time, but if you can take that out you would accomplish so much more!

Think about time! Before in history, we never kept track of time. It wasn’t till we had to have people working and getting paid that time become a factor. Before then, cavemen and Indians were completely happy living in the present.

But today, everything runs on schedules, and our schedules run us, so you have no time to be present. You don’t need time to be present. Present just is!

So, to sum up, if you don’t like pressure, think, what would I create if time was not a factor for me?

Another way to think about it is, what if I broke life down to the three things that matter?

The 3 Things That Matter In Life Hack – Ed Mylett

If you like pressure and timelines and perform better this way, think of life as only consisting of 3 things – The day you’re born, the day you die, and the relationships you make in between!

So, the closer you can put yourself to death, the more you’ll take action. Think of people who have extreme transformations after going to a funeral or experiencing death. It’s because it’s a reminder of their own mortality. So, the key is to take action and what’s fastest way to do that!

Sometimes it’s hard to conceptualize when our death is likely. To combat this, picturing that your death is imminent.

Bring Death Closer Hack – Alex Dee

It’s a bit morbid, but it works! I think today is whatever date it is, and what if I die on Dec. 31st of this year? Would I have done everything I want to do? And if the answer is no, I write down what are all the things I want to do if all I had was until Dec. 31st of this year to do it! The truth is we really don’t know if we even have until tomorrow, so to get to squeeze as much juice out of life while you can, this hack will make sure you start taking action to do so!

When you feel like your death is around the corner, it puts life into perspective. It takes the fear out of the decisions we make, because fear is the biggest inhibitor of our own personal growth.

Leverage Question Hack – Trent Shelton

What do you do when you are scared to do something? Call it the leverage question. It’s basically questions to ask yourself to get you in the right state of mind to take action. The first time I was asked to speak I was really nervous and what happened was when my friend Gray said you can do it and I went up there and I had it all prepared and then I just want blank. So, I had to decide if I was going to stop, or was I going to do something to make an impact. So, I decided to speak from the heart, and I had people come up to me after and say thanks and asked me all kinds of questions about life. I don’t know much about life but apparently, it had a great impact on them. So, I discovered the fact of asking myself to leverage the question of am I going to just quit or just be real and connect with this audience and try to make an impact and it worked! So, I patiently ask questions to have leverage against myself that reminds me of why I want to take action. For example, I wanted to go running this morning and I actually didn’t want to go. I reminded myself that if I didn’t go running today, am I going to be the type of parent where how can they expect you to keep promises to them if you don’t even keep promises to yourself. So, I call this leverage questions where you have leverage against yourself and it reminds you and almost forces you to take action on the things that you want to do. So, when I go to become a speaker my leverage question is it hey how can you be so selfish when you speaking, and you got this gift and you can make a greater impact on the world? So that’s what got me to get up on stage and why I continue to do what I do! I just think of questions where you have leverage against yourself that would force you to take action and it works every almost every time because now you have something, leverage, that’s worth more!

Creating leverage within yourself reminds you why you do the things that you do. It puts things into greater perspective and helps us shake laziness. Basically, it is a way to remind yourself of the desire you have to succeed.

Graveyard Hack – Trent Shelton

How to create a desire to take action now. One of the things people say to me is thank you for giving me the desire within myself to take action. And I always say don’t give me credit for you doing something. All I did was plant a seed and I inspired you to get to where you would start living your dream in your life. But the major question that I ask and I still ask leverage questions, which as we know when you’re sitting there sick in your bed when you’re dying are you going to look back in your life and say hey I got to live out my dreams or my goals and do everything that I wanted to do?

I actually will go to a graveyard, and if you have ever gone to a graveyard, you’ll notice there’s no discrimination. You have people that died at the age of three and at the age of 80! Death does not discriminate when it comes for us all. They always say the biggest place of broken dreams is in a graveyard, so I just asked a leverage question of what am I going to do before that graveyard day? Am I going to take action today so before I’m put into that ground, I’m going to have a life that gave meaning and had an impact in the world and left this world better than when I got here!

Once you have convinced yourself that today is the day to get done what needs to get done, you then need to figure out how to do it. When you have a big task ahead of you, it can overwhelm you easily. Instead of looking at the task as a whole, try breaking it down to several micro-goals.

Micro-Goal to Win Hack – Alex Dee

Get started! Set a goal that is so small that the only outcome is for you to succeed. For example, if you’re goal is to get back in shape, set a goal that you’ll walk 30 feet, and then do it and win! And if you don’t succeed in the goal, then it’s not small enough! Go back and set a smaller one until you win! Because when it’s small enough, YOU’LL ALWAYS WIN! So, make sure the goal is so small so you can win! That’s why we call it a win goal. And once you win, you’ll slowly start to see you can do anything. The feeling you get from winning will inspire you to keep taking action. And the key to hitting goals is not in dreaming big. The key is to take action consistently. And when you keep winning with your micro-goals, it propels you to keep taking action to create momentum until your micro-goals help you achieve your major goals!


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