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Goalsetting Hack – Tai Lopez

Some people are told to shoot for the stars and you’re going to hit the moon! When it comes to actually making the goals, we call BS on that! If you study some of the biggest and most awesome companies that are out there, there are over 1 billion! Yes, a billion!! A lot of them had a big vision but had to start out by setting realistic goals. I’m not a believer that you should fail in your first three for businesses before you have success because quite frankly, most people don’t overcome the failure of the first one. That’s why the best thing you can do is set realistic goals! Pick a business that you know you’re going to have success in, no matter how small, and take those lessons with you to the next one!

It’s like baseball… You want to hit a few base hits before you hit a home run. Its that way that you have success! The W means receptors are so strong that it will propel your momentum to succeed! So, don’t confuse vision with goals! Vision is where you’re headed for the long term, whereas goals are a step-by-step on how to get there. Make your goals realistic ones that set you up for success!

Setting realistic goals is the best way to actually achieve what you want in life. If you are struggling to figure out what your realistic goals should be, first figure out what your perfect day is.

Perfect Day Hack – Alex Dee

Best Way to Set Long Term Goals. Everyone wants to create arbitrary goals with arbitrary numbers, based on other people’s goals and how society would define success to them! The best way to hack your ULTIMATE GOAL is to ask yourself, “What’s my ideal day?”

What do you want to do each day if you broke it down and it will allow you to leave a fulfilling successful life? For example, here might be your perfect day –

8-10 am – Success hack morning routine

10-3 pm – Work and create from home what I want!

3-5 pm – Enjoy life and be outdoors

5-6 pm – Have dinner with Azy and family

6-8 pm – Learn a new skill set/hobby/have fun

8-10 pm – Workout

10 pm-Midnight – Relax/rejuvenation

Midnight- 8 am – Sleep

Now you know what you’re working towards. This becomes very important because your goals are now based on what your perfect day looks like, and you’ll always set goals to attain your perfect day.

This will become especially important as you make decisions on what you want to do to make an income. How do you structure your job or business where it’s ultimately leading to what you want vs. what the world defines as success!

Now instead of leading to some arbitrary number or having to work more and more and realizing this doesn’t make you happy, you’re working towards your perfect day, which will have you being fulfilled and happy!

Knowing our ideal day can put you on the right path to success. However, we all know that not everyday is perfect. The key is being able to stay consistent with your goals no matter what each day brings.

How to Reset Every Day Hack – Rachel Hollis

Staying Consistent on Your Goals. One thing that I do is every morning is by sitting and writing, not I’m going to make $1 million but say it past tense like I have $1 million and I would do that every day. But here’s the key I would reset my mind and reset the intention by writing it down every day! I am an exceptional mother and I am an exceptional wife and I will continue to do that every single day as a reminder that this is my intention for that day. By doing this over a span of three to five years it’s amazing if you look at my journals five years ago and see exactly where I’m at now, a New York Times bestseller!

I’ve been able to spend time with my husband and hear you look hot today and tell my kids I love them and whatever other things are what I intended. It was the resetting my intention every day and putting it in a way where I already have it, is what created the biggest impact and results for me! So, if you don’t just have goals, but you re-write them and reset the intention every day if you do that sometimes your goals will change, and sometimes they’ll say the same. Either way, you’ll be able to have a clear intention of what would be in the creation for the day! I’m putting up boards already past tense because in your brain as to say I have $1 million it’s like when you say why do you need to get it but it’s going to conjure up ways that will show you how will be able to get it!

Consistency is great and it keeps you on the right path. However, we also need to understand that our goals should help us get to where we want to be, but they shouldn’t define who we are. Goals are just arbitrary actions to help us get to where we want to be in life.

How to Live your Life Where You’re Happy and it’s Not Based on Goals Hack – Ajit Nawalkha

If you think about goals, the first place you have to start is, why do we have them? If you look at it, it’s because of our school system. At school, everything ran in the annual Calendar and everyone got defined by grades. That got moved into taxes and companies on your long calendar so you all have something that we were working towards and so it was always based on this year-long timeline. But the interesting thing is, change is timeless, and it’s not based on waiting on January 1, but you can start to change now. I started to think about what can be done to be in a state of constant joy because goals are arbitrary! How can I have an anchor point or something that can keep me grounded to remember so I can live in a state of constant bliss enjoy it’s not based on Goals. And that’s what values are.

Your goals should come from a place within you that is good. When we are defining what are goals are, make sure they are coming from a place of joy.

Anchor Points Hack – Ajit – Mindvalley

How to Come from that Place of Joy Hack and Define your Values. How do you discover what is the place of Joy? Once you realize the goals are timeless because your whole point is to be in a place of joy. You go back and look at when were the times in your life where you experienced joy? When were the times where you had negative emotions like anger or the first ration of stress? What were you doing during those times! And then, when you’re able to decipher between the 5 to 10 negative emotions and 5 to 10 states of joy, you focus on creating more of the things that bring you joy. That is how you define your values. What state was like what the values that got to this place of constant joy. This is what allows you to define your life based on an anchor point values based on something to Creating joy for you in your life! Now you can live life-based on values versus arbitrary goals that Don’t really matter. Live in a more joyful state where you get to create the life you want.

While our goals can help us get to the state of being that we want to be, it’s also important to know that our goals can be change and shouldn’t limit what we are capable of.

How to Not Let Your Goals Limit You – Kute Blackson

Sometimes we set goals of what we want based on who we are at that moment. But as we grow, we realize that our goals were limited because we had to find ourselves it’s someone who is limited. Or goals were limited based on who we thought we were at that time. That’s why as we grow and become unlimited and hit our goals, we ask ourselves is that all there is? Is there more? And so sometimes you have to do all that you can while at the same time being open to the magic of what is possible that is outside your control. A great example would be Nelson Mandela. There’s a guy who had a certain strategy of what he wanted to accomplish in life. And he did everything you could do to control it, but I don’t think he could’ve imagined how big his life would’ve been when he had gone to prison. I’m pretty sure that was not on the strategy board of going to prison for 28 years and become King. Yet his life was bigger, and his legacy will live on further than anything he could’ve planned out if he had set the goals at the beginning. So sometimes it goes we have to do everything in our power to make it happen but yet at the same time be open to possibly a higher purpose or the higher good! And cooperate with the universe where we don’t limit our lives based on the limited thinking of ourselves and what we are capable of. Thinking of Mandela, would we have tried to force the outcome where he wouldn’t have gone to prison? I don’t think so. His legacy is now much bigger because of it! So, do everything in your power and control to make your goals happen but be open to the higher good and what the universe has for you and how your life can serve a bigger purpose than even you had imagined!

Our goals can become grandiose, and let’s face it, we might not achieve all of them in life. So what do we learn when we don’t achieve our grand goals? Did we fail, or is there something more?

Purpose of Your Soul Hack – Kute Blackson

How to Get Over When What You Really Wanted Doesn’t Happen Hack. I have been speaking since I was eight in my father’s church and I basically positioned myself to become the next Oprah! So, in my 20s I really went for it and I hounded and stalked every producer, celebrity and famous person you can think of to get the chance to have my own TV show. It finally came when I got a meeting with the guys who produced Michael Jackson. I got a chance to pitch them and they just kind of stopped and looked at each other and said we’re going to make you famous! So, they sent me home to think about it and said come back tomorrow and if you’re ready we will have the contract ready and all your dreams will come true! So, I went home and meditated and here it was…Everything that I’ve been working so hard for, for so close to 15 years was about to get done. Literally in the palm of my hands! And then as I meditated something hit me. I can’t describe it but just deep in my gut I kept feeling the word no! Intuitively, despite the fact that I worked so hard for this, something told me that I need to back out! And the next day, despite what I thought I should’ve done, I decided to back out. Everybody thought I was crazy. The producers thought I was mad because I’ve been chasing them down to get this done and no one turns down a chance of their own TV show and making those dreams come true! And right after it happened, I was miserable and in angry at myself for passing this up and not even understanding why I did it. It wasn’t till a few years later when other opportunities took shape, where my intuition told me it was the right move for me. I came to realize what the hack is when you don’t get what you want, or you pass on an opportunity you thought you wanted! The dream and vision that you think you want is not TRULY THE AUTHENTIC VISION of your soul and what is your purpose here in this life. What I mean by that is you may have something that you think you want, or who you think you should be, based on your ego and you’ve been going out and then shaped to do or who you think you should become and what you think you should do. It’s not what you are truly here to do! And still having a TV show would’ve been great and it’s a thing I should have been able to do. But that is not what my authentic soul wanted me to become. That was not my purpose here in life. My purpose here was to transform others and that took a very different route! Now again, at the time when it happened, I didn’t recognize it but it took listening to my authentic soul and deeply listening to it to realize that sometimes when you don’t get what you want, it’s because it’s your soul letting you know it’s not who you think you are or should be, it’s what you really are that you want to become! So the hack is when the dream is not happening, it’s really the universe telling you to dig deeper and find out what it is that you’re really here to do so you can serve not the purpose that you think you should do, but the true purpose of your soul so you can create and manifest based on that and do what you’re here to do in this lifetime!

Knowing what your soul wants you to become is vitally important, and satisfying our soul comes from the results of our hard work. With this in mind, instead of setting the things you need to do in order to get there, set the results that you need to satisfy your soul.

To-Do vs. Results Hack – Rachel Hollis

How to Redefine How You Do Your To-Do Lists. I got this from Tony Robbins, but overall most of us spend a whole day of writing to-do lists of things we have to do. But overall, you should make a results list – which means “this is the result that I want” and start with that! From there you should create a subsection of all the things you have to do in order to get to that result. It’s really easy for us to forget what the goal is or what the result or the outcome is when we’re going through the week and having to do the things that lead to the results! So I always put on my calendar, for example, I want to build my business to whatever X dollars a month, and then I have all these tasks and could do marketing and sales and all these different things but when you keep putting it under the goal, it reminds me of why that matters and why to do that is important is because of the outcome. If something on your list is not leading to an outcome, then you can delegate it or get rid of it because you know it’s not as important to getting the results you want. And this is a great hack for redefining your to-do list and by creating your results lists!

Getting the results we want to satisfy our souls puts us on a path toward self-empowerment. The problem with only working on yourself, however, is that sometimes you have to inconvenience others to get there. So how to you reconcile with the notion that you might upset others on your path?

How To Go For Your Dreams/Goals Despite Feeling You May Inconvenience Others Hack – Rachel Hollis

So with my husband, I am so much the dreamer and he is pragmatic, but it’s not that he doesn’t want to support my dreams. It’s that he’s always worried I’m going to get hurt or put myself out there too much and so we’re just very different people. So, I go to Tony Robbins Course and I come back and I’m super excited. I decided I want to start waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. Well, he didn’t like that at all because it would wake him up and then he started making comments like when your cord hits the ground it wakes me up and it was inconvenient! And it was the first time in my life where I just said OK but kept going. I didn’t try to throw it against him, and I didn’t make a big deal. But I didn’t stop waking up at 5 AM and kept doing it. This may have been the first time in my life where I realized that I am a person and what I want and need in my life matters just as much as what he wants and what he needs in his life. I was raised in a home where what daddy wanted to do is what mattered and I took that into the marriage, he didn’t give that to me. I took that into our marriage. And I was like, for the first time where I felt like wait! I’m a grown woman I can wake up whenever I want and so I kept doing it. And that sounds like a little thing but I don’t know how many times I’ve got women that stand in line and tell me that they’ve lost themselves after becoming a mom, after having a career now that I’ve put so much on the line for my family that I don’t even realize who I am anymore. Because I’ve been living my life for everyone else. And l needed to be reminded that you were someone before you became their mom. You were someone before you became a wife. And you still matter. So, it’s a matter of balancing that in a relationship and letting them know that even though Dave was my biggest cheerleader, and I’m going to walk beside you, but your opinion of me can’t matter more than my own.

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