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Success Hacks on How to Reach Your Maximum Potential

Shifting Identity Hack – Alex Dee

The way we go from where we’re at to what’s possible for us is to shift our identity!

We have to believe that we are something much greater than our current circumstances!

So, how do we do that? Think of it as changing the temperature in the room. Most of us act like we’re the thermometer. But we’re actually the thermostat! We’re the ones who get to control the temperature in the room. So, by changing the temperature, we can shift our identity.

There are Four Shifting Identity Hacks:
  1. Increase your Self-Confidence by keeping promises to yourself. When you do the small things that you said you would do, those short bursts of achievement push you towards the thing you want to become, which shifts your identity. This changes the thermostat to your goals and dreams!
  2. If you hang around other people who shift their temperature, by association you shift your identity as a result of being around them! So, the whole room changes quicker.
  3. Self-Talk – You write down or say, “I am author, speaker, Etc.” and repeat that to yourself two to three times a day!
  4. When somebody helps us identify our natural strengths or natural skills; for example, if someone that tells you you’re a great speaker, you become aware of those natural skills. When you start using those skills and win, you start to focus on those gifts and an identity shift happens!

That’s how you shift the weight off of your life from “I’m not good enough or smart enough, take whatever you want here” and just fill in by saying I’m not enough and shift it to “I’m strong I’m relentless I’m focused these are the gifts God gave me!”

By implementing these 4 hacks, you will shift the identity from who you are now, to reaching your greatest potential and becoming who you want to be!

Shifting your identity can allow you to reach your potential, but first you need to make sure your own internal software is up-to-date.

Upgrade your Software Hack

Be in constant quest of getting to the next version of yourself! Think of yourself as a piece of software. Take your age and name, and let’s say your name is John and you’re 32. You’re John version 32.0. And John version 32.0 is perfect for the current piece of software. Here is how we know you are perfect right now: Everything you’ve done to this point has gotten you to where you’re at today. And all software has bugs! Look at Microsoft! Their software with one of the ones with the most bugs and still one of the highest-selling because they focus on the strengths of Microsoft. You can be too! You are perfect as you are right now; the best version of you. Your past can never be bigger than your future!

So, you’re perfectly placed to be in the present and who you are today! But if you want to reach your maximum potential, the best version of yourself, to grow into the version of yourself for next year, you have got to update your software for a year from now! So, if you’re John version 32.0 this year, you want to work on upgrading your software to John version 33.0 next year. If you don’t, it will be an old program. You want to keep up with the changes going on since last year. This could be goals, lifestyle, career, family, or your desires. That’s how you reach your maximum potential!

Knowing your own bugs, and figuring out how to fix them is crucial to figuring out your maximum potential. However, you also have to understand what you are capable of if you keep going.

Miracle Equation Hack – Hal Elrod

I have called unwavering faith + extraordinary effort a miracle equation! And here’s the key! You want to have unwavering faith and extraordinary effort until they got there! Miracle equation doesn’t mean miracle in the sense of the biblical parting the Red Sea’s and so forth. It means being able to have extraordinary achievements even beyond what you thought you were capable of!

Believing we can do the extraordinary means that we are driven to be the best that we can be. To do this, we need to learn how to develop as a person.

Personal Development Hack – Hal Elrod

I think all of us aspire to be better, greater and live what I call, the level 10 life. If you tell somebody they could live life on the level of 1 to level 10 where would you be, everyone would tell you level 10. I want them to be able to be the happiest the greatest and most vibrant form of themselves. And that gap between living a level 10 life and where we’re at now is really essentially who we are.

So, the hack to that is actually a great quote from Jim Rohn, who said that “the level of your success is always directly proportionate to Your level of personal development.” Working on yourself and being able to get to a level 10 means you are able to learn, and grow, and be willing to start working to get yourself up to level two, then level three, and so on, until you’re able to get to level 10. One of the reasons we don’t do that is because we’re not willing to just start at a level one and work our way up, realizing that this entire journey is one that’s constantly evolving. So, the greatest hack to tapping into going from a level 1 to level 10 in your life is personal development. Your ability and vulnerability to grow.

Personal development is not an easy task though. Our minds can be our biggest critics, telling us that we can do what we set out to do. To overcome this problems, we need to tell ourselves the right stories.

Stories We Tell Ourselves Hack – Colin O’Brady

Colin O’Brady is a world record holder for being 1st man to trek across Antarctica by himself. Reflecting on the trek across Antarctica: so I always say that we become who we are based on the stories that we tell ourselves. A perfect example of this is that we did all these huge media coverage about being able to do this Antarctica trip, and I found out that there’s another guy who’s actually racing against me. He is experienced in hiking and trekking. We’re literally getting dropped off about a mile away from each other and going through the same checkpoints, same everything, at the same time. To make things worse, as soon as we land, I can’t even move my sled and I see him just pass me and he is on the horizon and I am just looking at his backside!

So, I call my wife a lot earlier than she was expecting, as she knows all about the charts in the navigation and when I was supposed to be giving her a call. I tell her “Hey, well looks like we call the project impossible for a reason because I can’t even move my sled. And she said don’t worry about the media, don’t worry about getting all the way done for this. Can you see the very first checkpoint? And I said yes, and she said how far away is it? I responded about a half a mile! She said OK why don’t we just focus on getting to the first checkpoint so that we made some kind of progress and then we’ll take it from there.

What I discovered about myself throughout the journey was the story I was telling myself was look, you did all this stuff, got the Press coverage and you can barely move your sled. And the human mind is very tricky because I have all these doubts and limitations and the story I was telling myself was that I don’t know if I can do this, and my competition is beating me, and no one’s ever done that so what the heck am I even doing here? That’s where we are able to shift our mind with either a support call, or an idea or a quote. I went to the story that I told myself that I’m going to focus on getting to the first checkpoint, that’s all I’m going to focus on till I get there, and then we’ll go from there.

And by doing that over and over again, eventually, I was able to get to a place where I was able to catch up to him. And then I navigated to say “Well, what do I got to do to be able to catch up and win? I had to go like 18 hours straight in order to not only be able to get that the record time for the first person to ever do it, but to be able to beat my competition! In this story that I told myself that time was I made it this far why not try to see if you can do something that my body has never done before, to see what it’s capable of!

And sure enough, I ended up setting the world record and beating him and I was actually there to congratulate him when he finished, not just because I had won, but I felt like we have done this together by being able to push each other to get across the finish line and do something and no one else is ever done! So, when you’re dealing with doubts or things that are stopping you from taking action, just remember the stories that we tell ourselves and just focus on the next step and get yourself into momentum! Always remember that you always end up getting to who you become based on the stories you tell yourself, and the stories can eventually build up to doing something you didn’t think you were capable. 

These stories can almost make us feel super human, a concept that we are all familiar with. One way you can trick yourself into doing more than you are capable of is by creating an almost alter ego. We know that Bruce Wayne can’t stay in the shadows solving crimes, and Peter Parker cannot swing from rooftops thwarting criminals, but Batman and Spiderman can. They are the same person, but their alter egos can do so much more than the person they are. Create an alter ego for yourself.

Performance Hacks – Todd Herman

The Alter Ego Hack. The fastest way to be able to change your state is to think of an alter ego. An alter ego is something or someone that has characteristics that you want to show. By simply thinking of them or by putting on a ring or a cape or something that allows you to make that switch in your mind and becoming them, allows you to start inviting those characteristics within you. Cary Grant is a great example of someone who went to Hollywood and he was a good guy but became known as the charismatic guy and he was famous for a quote that says“I pretended to be someone I always aspired to be, and I finally became that person, or he became me, but at some point in time we met.”

This is probably one of the most beautiful quotes that a human has ever uttered. The only thing I would change is the word pretended, and replace it with activate, because he chose to do it. Think of this as a circle of who you are now and think of another circle of who you want to become. It embodies all the characteristics of what you want, and this alter ego could be a superhero like Batman or Superman or your grandmother or a real-life person that you look up to and you like those characteristics. What happens is every time you put on these glasses, or put on a ring, or you do something where you can think about that character, you become that person. By doing it more and more, you do it so much that the two circles combine, and you become that alter ego.

For example, when Beyoncé started, she used to sing gospel music and then she was put into a band where they had to sing provocative music and it was not who she was or how she was raised. But she took on this alter ego and called her “Sasha Fierce” where every time she thought about Sasha, It gave her the ability to be brave and an amazing performer. She did it for a few years to a point where now she doesn’t have to activate Sasha fierce anymore because it is already who she is, and it is who she has become.

The reason why I would use the word activate and not pretend is that pretending focuses on deceiving. What others think and are focused on the outside, which means pretending for the sake of what others may think and to please them. Activating it something you do internally and no one else really knows it but you and you do it for yourself! That’s exactly what Beyoncé did with Sasha Fierce, and no one really knew that she was doing that, and she was able to tap into this identity within herself and she activated it when she needed it until it became a part of who she was.

So, to activate an alter ego for yourself, whenever you have anxiety or fear or something that’s holding you back, think about someone who has characteristics that are the exact opposite, that allows you to be brave or vulnerable or fearless. My hack for that is to find a piece of clothing or a ring, or some item you are able to put on and if you can even make it sound, that’s better because the human mind responds really well to sound. One of my clients wore a bracelet when she performed because wonder woman was her alter ego and every time it snapped and made a sound, it activated that alter ego within her to reach new heights! Tell that alter ego those characteristics and eventually it will get embedded to becoming a part of who you are!

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