Reach Your Maximum Potential Hacks VOL. 2

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Success Hacks on How to Reach Your Maximum Potential VOL. 2

Go for Big Goals Hack – Colin O’Brady

We set the name of our project as “The Impossible First”. This was not to be bragging or saying, “Hey look at us”, or “we’re the best”. The idea was that, hey this has never been done before and this is possible. But, if it’s impossible, why not go ahead and try because the worst thing that could happen is that we fail. On the other hand, the best thing that can happen is we’re going to share and learn a lot through the process of who we are and what it would take to get this done!

I want to suggest to people that if you have big dreams, go for them! Even if you fail, at least you gave it a try and you will learn more about yourself by pushing yourself to your absolute maximum and never settle for something mediocre that you might be able to easily do!

Another way of looking at achieving big goals is that they aren’t impossible, they are just in a place you haven’t arrived yet.

I Haven’t Arrived Hack – David Goggins

David Goggins is a holder of several world records, from most push-ups to completing Navy Seals training, to running a 100-mile race, the last 20 miles with his leg broken! He is also the author of Can’t Hurt Me. What keeps me going is to put it in your mind or write it down that “I’ll never arrive”, or “I haven’t arrived”.  Hang it somewhere where you can see it every day! Because we experience success and that Success is really relative to other people that we know who we feel that we’ve arrived. If you really want to reach your maximum potential, you have to not just become uncommon amongst the common. You have to become uncommon among the uncommon. Which means sometimes you’re going to set a path or course that no one has set the trajectory to and you’ll be off on a path that’s clearly defined as your own. The only way that you’ll be able to strive for that unique goal is by making sure that as you experience success, don’t compare it to others. Write “I haven’t arrived” on the walls and make sure you see it every morning as a constant reminder that there’s always the next level to push you to reach your full potential.

Your own potential is within you, and is not dependent on what other people have achieved. This mindset put another way is understanding your own purpose.

Purpose Hack – Alex Dee

I’ve had some very hard challenges in my life. Through my life’s journey, I’ve accomplished a lot of great things. But I’ve also had many business failures. In looking back I have realized that part of my strength was to always strive to reach my maximum potential. Every day, I would take action that would lead me to grow and learn and push me to another level. But the challenge wasn’t the action. The tweak I had to make was WHY I was doing it. I always defined the formula as when I reach my maximum potential, I’ll be able to serve others and make a positive impact. But when I simply flip the formula where I put when my intent is to serve at the greatest level, I will reach my maximum potential, it changed everything. It made me realize that I’m already complete and I am on purpose which means I can serve others at a very high volume right now. And as I develop other skillsets to grow, I’m only doing it with my main intent being to serve. While this may seem like a tiny distinction, it makes all the difference between winning and losing, and winning in the long term! Because when your why is aligned with your values and your purpose, you’re consistently growing as you strive to reach your potential while being fulfilled through the journey.

There is a common theme here with every hack. Your potential and purpose are things that can only come from within you. You are the only one that understands what you are capable of, therefore you are the one that has to push yourself to do it.

Only You Know Hack – Ann Miura – Ko

Ann Miura-Ko, partner at FLOODGATE – venture capital firm specializing in micro-cap investments and has been called the most powerful woman in startups by Forbes. When I was young, I had a lot of different talents, but I had a huge fear of having the ability to speak English very well! I decided to sign up for a debate team in my first year of high school. Because I didn’t win any awards, my parents thought maybe I should try something else. Perhaps fencing my mom said. I hear they give away scholarships for that. While my parents meant well, they hadn’t taken into account that I absolutely loved debate. I love the competition, and my losing record had not dampened my passion for it! I made my parents a deal. I said give me one more year and if I don’t place at least second, then I’ll quit. That summer was a gift to me. I learned more about myself and how I might find success at any moment than any traditional measure of success! It was about studying and putting 2 to 3 times more effort than I knew any of my opponents would. There were two things I learned. First, if you truly love something, it’s much easier to commit to it! And second, I learned that I alone know My personal capabilities better than anyone else. It is so difficult for people to measure grit, determination, hard work, and human potential. When given the chance, we can see it more clearly than anyone else. I went on to take second that junior year in the state of CA and won the national tournament the following year!

Ann knew that she had the potential to do what she set out to do. With the hard work she put in, she was able to master her craft, something we all need to learn how to do.

Mastering your Craft Hack – Laila Ali

The Difference Between Being Great and Being the Greatest. Muhammad Ali’s daughter and one of the greatest boxers of all time – I think the major difference between those that are great and those who become the greatest are two things! First, those who are great, usually already have a passion for the thing they are great at, but the thing that separates them from those that are the greatest is that those who are the greatest learn how to master their craft and put in 2 to 3 times extra hard work and effort in order to make sure that they are the greatest. They have inherent insecurity of failure, so it allows them to be the greatest. For example, for myself, after I finish a fight I don’t go home and celebrate! I go watch the footage of the last fight to find out how I could do better. After a concert, MC Hammer would take all the backup dancers who are still sweating as they came off the stage, and he would have them watch the footage to find out what they could do better. Connor McGregor, who is one of the best champions in the world works out 3 to 4 times harder than his opponents! That’s the sign of the greatest. A relentless tenacity to do whatever it takes to be the best! Sometimes it involves sacrifices and the willingness to set what you’re wanting to achieve as the main priority in your life. That’s what makes it worthwhile! That’s what earns you to title the greatest!

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