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Success Hacks on How to Overcome Fear

Unlearn the Fear Hack – Tony Robbins

“If I look at your biggest stress, I will also find your deepest fears!” – Experts tell us babies are only born with two types of fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. A study was conducted about fear on 500 adults varying in ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. The results showed that they shared some 7,000 different fears. This means that they must have learned 6,998 fears since they were born. That is a lot of fears and only goes to prove fear is not something we were born with, it’s something we’ve learned from our environment and parenting.

So how do we overcome our fears? Here are some hacks that will help:

Wisdom Hack – Pastor Jurgen Matthesius

Pastor Jurgen Matthesius, author of Leadersight and Push – Replace fear with wisdom. We need to unlearn fear. And we need to relearn wisdom.

Think of our brain as a hard drive! It can get full and it needs to be defragmented and come up with new thoughts! And to go unlearn something that doesn’t serve you and learn something new is like missing the exit you wanted on the freeway. You need to take the next exit and now it takes twice as long to get back to where you were trying to go! Wisdom says don’t drive over the cliff! Wisdom says don’t hurt others!

So fear here doesn’t really serve you! That’s the reason why you never need fear! It just does not serve you. Wisdom does! So when facing anything in life, get rid of fear, and rely on wisdom! Kick fear to the curb for fear does not serve you, but wisdom does!

Of course wisdom isn’t the only thing you need. Sometimes the time comes for you to take action.

To Take Action Hack – David Schwartz

David Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big – The fastest way to overcome fear is TO TAKE ACTION! The magic of thinking big!

As soon as you have something you fear, take action on it as soon as you can. When it sits for a while, it starts to fester in your mind, and you start playing out all types of scenarios of why it won’t work and eventually the fears set in. Where, if as soon as you want to do something, and a fear kicks in, you take action, it will automatically kill that fear! Now instead of all these preconceived fears of what might happen, you have an action that gives you a finite result!

Taking action can be frightening, but it is necessary. One way to reduce that fear is to think of it in a different way.

See Fear as Immunity Hack – Unknown

Think of taking action as you’re learning how to overcome fear by building an immunity to it!

For example: Let’s say you have a small allergy test that pokes you with small doses to see what you’re allergic to so you can then get protected from a major dose! That’s what it’s like for you to take action on fear!

So the cure for failure is not success, it’s failure. The cure for failure of rejection is not acceptance, it’s rejection. You’ve got to be exposed in small quantities of whatever you’re afraid of. That’s how you build up an immunity for the future!

Building immunity is important, because sometimes our fears aren’t always rational.

Fear Hack – Aubrey Marcus

If you have an irrational fear about something, like the fear of the number 13, you should be putting 13’s all over the wall. Request to stay at the 13th hotel room floor. Plan special events on the 13th of each month. Do this so you can collapse that irrational fear. The longer you believe in that one irrational fear it will bleed into other aspects of your life where you may have more irrational fears. It’s important to collapse a fear as soon as possible and then use this hack to show your mind, and then yourself, that it’s not real!

Irrational fears can take control of you if you let them. Therefore, you need to learn steps you can take to lessen its power.

How to Hack Fear in 2 Minutes – John Assaraf

So when you experience fear, you have to realize it’s just a feeling that’s coming over you. You should think of it in the sense that your body is a car and the check engine signal light has come on! When that signal light comes on, you don’t go take a hammer and smash the glass, right? I’m saying that on purpose because that’s what a lot of us actually do when dealing with fear. However, it’s just a signal. Here are some things that you can do when a signal or a fear comes up.

The first step is to take 6 deep breaths to calm the circuits. Take six deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth, like breathing through a straw. This will deactivate the stress response center in your brain. The blood will rush back to the pre-frontal cortex which is the Einstein part of the brain, which can actually think through the problem.

Now that your brain can think again, from the part of the brain that is the Einstein part, versus the part that has your stress response center (which is the reptilian part of the brain that just panics and does whatever it can to survive), you can proceed to step two.

Which I call AIA. The first A is for Awareness. This is when you ask yourself, what am I thinking right now? What am I sensing right now? What am I feeling right now? What is my behavior right now? Why am I thinking or feeling that? By doing this, you’ll become aware of your thoughts your behaviors and your feelings right away, The next part is the I which is my Intention. Ask yourself what is my intention right now? Is my behavior thoughts and feelings coinciding with what my intention is?  Most of the time just thoughts, feelings and actions are coming from a place of fear but your intention is to move forward. So if you decide that’s the case ,which is almost always the case, you move to the next A which is Action. Ask yourself, what is one small action step that I can take right now? The reason for taking one small action step is so your brain can handle it and makes the threat response that was activated in your brain go away quickly.

So the great thing about this is when you’re able to manage your emotions with this strategy, you actually become acutely aware that these feelings of fear and panic anxiety are normal. Once you’re able to see what triggers them, you’re able to spot it in an instance. By doing the AIA strategy you’re able to move forward towards your goals and deactivate your panic state quickly. The more and more you do this, the more you become aware of your emotions and don’t let them stop you from attaining your dreams. More importantly, you know why you’re feeling things and going from a place of unconscious incompetence to conscious competence.

If this method is difficult for you to do, maybe you need to look at it from a different perspective.

3rd Party Hack – Tim Ferriss

Author of The 4-Hour Work Week.

The definition of dealing with fear and the best way to overcome it, is to let go of ego and focus on consciousness. The primary reason is this: usually we’re going to fears that are blocking us from consciousness. With that in mind, a great hack is for us to look at everything we do from a third-party perspective. For example: Why would <add your name> do this? Well, he’s probably doing that because he has a fear of it.

So now, we’re able to look at this objectively and from a 3rd party source. Since we don’t see it as us, we don’t take it personally.  We’re willing to go deeper and look in the shadows to find out what is the real root to that fear, and get it cleared, so we can focus again on what matters: our consciousness!

Looking at fear from the outside can lessen its impact. When this happens, it’s much easier for you to face it head on.

Dance With Your Fear – Tony Robbins

Most people want to avoid fear, when actually, when you resist fear, you’re giving it more power. Because whatever you resist persists. That’s right. Whatever you avoid or resist will continue to hound you. The best way to deal with any fear is face it head on!  How do you do that? Two things: First, acknowledge that fear. Say hi fear, “I realize that I’m afraid of starting my business because it’s going way out of my comfort zone”. Once you acknowledge it, then you start step two, you dance with it. That’s right. You dance with it, which means you appreciate it for making you aware and embrace it. Once you do these two steps, then your fear has no power over you. Instead of being paralyzed by thought, you just acknowledge and embrace your fear which means you can now conquer it by moving forward and taking massive action!

Once you have acknowledged your fear, and embraced that it is something you can control, next you need to learn from your experience.

Learn the Lesson Hack – Kristen Ulmer

Realize that fear is not a sign of personal weakness, but rather a natural state of discomfort that occurs when you’re out of your comfort zone. It’s not there to sabotage you, but to help you come alive, be more focused, and put you into the present moment at a heightened state to excitement and awareness. If you push the fear away, the only version of fear available to you will be crazy, irrational, or contorted version! If you’re willing to feel it, and merge with it, its energy and wisdom will appear!

Now that you can take control of your fears, and have learn how to manage them and what you can learn from them, you can now live your life knowing that while fear exists, it’s not something to be scared of. This leads us to the final way to fully overcome your fears.

Agree With Your Fear – Alex Dee

There have been many times where I want to get on stage and I struggle with the fact of trying something new. I have my fear tell me that you can’t do it and what are you thinking that you’re doing right now, instead of fighting the negative self talk and battling with it, all I say is ha ha you’re right! That is pretty scary for a normal person and it’s OK to be scared. What happens is that fear lets go of its grip… it doesn’t disappear but it lets go of its grip so I can say “you go ahead and stay here while I take the stage and I’ll see you later”!

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