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Success Hacks on How to MAXIMIZE your Time

“Have macro-economic patience and micro speed! You don’t have to worry about 3 or 4 years from now, if you’re squeezing all the juice out of your seconds in a day! – Gary Vee

Four Factor Hack – Tai Lopez – Should you hustle or not?

Optimizing for hustling and grinding it’s like optimizing for a necessity like Peeing! Why would you optimize for something that causes you pain! The Hexaco personality test basically tests on some of the most successful people in the world, and it’s based on four factors. Work effort, Prudence, Organization, and Perfectionism (or attention to detail).

So, if you noticed, hard work effort is only 25% of the formula. You can go all the time, but if you don’t have your compass pointing in the right direction, which is prudence, it is going to take you a lot longer to get to your destination!

For example, what if we’ve been told when a compass data points north and we been heading that direction, but in all reality our compass is broken! So, it will take your mentors and others to help you gain prudence, so you’ll be able to do it much faster and make sure your compass is pointing in the right direction! What some people say is that I was meant to learn from that thing.

Read Richard Dawkins, a self-esteem where he says Organisms that Learn through trial and error lose to organisms that learn through other people’s trial and error!

Case in point: how many of us have learned to look both ways before crossing a street. I’m pretty sure you didn’t learn it through your own trial and error but based on what other people have done to prove that a two-ton car traveling at a certain speed and its velocity, is going to kill you!

So, we all learned through other people’s trial and error! Therefore, this is one of the fastest ways to check your compass and make sure that it’s pointing to north!

What to Say No to Hack – The One Thing Book 

A group of seminary students were on their way to give a talk about being a good Samaritan in different locations. What they didn’t know was on their way each one of them had a man in front of them that was down on the ground and couldn’t breathe, that needed help.

One other note is some of them were told that they had to hurry and be there earlier. What was interesting is that those that were in a hurry we’re half as likely to stop and help the man.

In fact, some of them literally jumped over him because they were worried about running late. So, if seminary students that are trained on giving a talk about good Samaritan would do that, what makes us think we have a chance of being able to knock out multiple tasks at one time?

So, one of the keys to being able to be productive is for us to say No. What do you say no to? You say no to everything that doesn’t allow you to get closer to your one thing!

Steve Jobs took this into mind when he took over Apple. In A span of two years, Steve Jobs took Apple from 350 products to only 10! Because he realized that in order to get more done, it’s better to focus and go small on a few things and then go big in production of those! This means he gave 340 No’s!

It’s saying yes that chips away at everything that you try. So, the more things you do, the less successful you are at any one of them. You can’t please everyone so don’t try. In fact, the one person you won’t please if you say yes to everyone, is yourself.

If you don’t say no a lot, you’ll never get to say yes to your one thing. Now all of us obviously want to help others, we want to not let others down. And that’s understandable. But there’s a lot of ways to help, such as re-directing it to others showing them how to be creative, Tech Support, and so many other models or systems that are literally built to help people with whatever problem they have, so you don’t have to be the one in charge of it.

Just remember, if you don’t make your life what do you say yes to, it will almost always become what you intended to say no to!

72 Hours Hack

Most people say I don’t have enough time to be able to get everything done. But if you really think about it you have over 168 hours in a week. So even if you work a 40-hour week and you sleep a certain amount each night, let’s say 8 hours a night, you still have over 72 hours left in a week, which is over three days. Let’s say you work 50 hours a week, well that still leaves over 62 hours left.

So, there’s actually plenty of time left. It’s just a question of how you prioritize that time to take care of things that you really want, like spending time with family, working out, and things that are important to you!

Be Intentional Hack – How do we start gaining time?

I think the biggest reason why we lose time is because we end up being an intentional about it. For example, let’s say you wanted to wake up early and go exercise, but you hadn’t planned it out and then it’s 1pm Saturday, and then it’s family time, so it’s too late to get up and going!

So, one of the things before you go 56 hours into your week is to get intentional about how you want to spend that time doing things you want so that way when it comes up, you’re not losing it and saying “oh! you know I wish I would’ve done that!” I could’ve done this, but it was too late to make that decision.

So, you make that decision long before the time comes, by planning it and get it on your calendar.

Midway Week Checkup Hack – How to get all your goals knocked out before the end of the week 

Now if you’ve gotten to the point where if you’re somewhat productive and you would like to take it to the next level where you were already planning out your week and got everything on the calendar, one of the things that’s great to do is be able to realize that the end of the week is Sunday, and the midway point is actually Thursday at 5 PM.

So, Friday afternoon is normally a low opportunity cost time because most people have shut off, and that’s where you’ll get the least amount of calls and distractions. This is a great time to go back and look in your weekly goals and see what’s left on what you wanted on your goals, and make sure that you knock it out over the weekend!

You’ll find the time that you want on the weekend for what you want to do. For most people this is the amount of free time that they have the most and if it’s planned out correctly you now have a seven-day calendar versus a five-day calendar.

Most people say well Sunday I’m not going to work because that’s my day off. So, I will encourage you that instead of thinking of days, think of hours, and plan your day whether it’s time for your relationships, time for yourself, or time for your business, and work it out in hours, versus days. You will see your schedule be a lot more productive where you can have a Sunday that has some of all three aspects in it, time for yourself, time for your relationships, and even time for business for a few hours.

Also, if you take Friday as a day that you can plan your weekly calendar, versus Sundays, you’ll notice that you’ll have a lot more productive weekend as you’ll actually be intentional with what you’re going to be doing during that time.

100 Dreams Hack – What to do with your free time?

This is good answer to the people who say even if had enough time, I don’t know what to do with it!

Getting clear on what we would do without free time would give us something to look forward to so we would create the time! This is called the dreams of 100 and it goes like this.

Write down all the things that you like to do when you have free time. Most of the time it starts out easy with all the places that you would like to travel, like the first 33 countries you want to visit!

But after that you start looking at things that are more local or closer to you, like the state park that’s maybe an hour away, or maybe a weekend trip, or being able to learn piano, or learn a new language! What happens now is that you got every time you put in your calendar and be able to say how? You’ll say, you know, I’ve got some time this weekend but so we can walk the national park, or I’ve got a few hours here and so let me go ahead and start to learn a new language or play the piano or do Thai chi for an hour a week!

And then you’ll be able to be motivated to make the time for what you’ve always wanted to do, and as a dream becomes an activity, you can knock out as part of that free time! So do the dreams of 100 and now you’re able to create that time to do the thing that you actually enjoy and are passionate for.

Busy is a Decision Hack – Debbie Millman – The root behind I’m too busy

Busy is a decision. I am too busy is not only the most inauthentic, but it is also the laziest. I don’t believe in too busy. We do what we want to do, period! If we say we are too busy, it is shorthand for not important. If we use busy as an excuse for not doing something, what we are really saying is that it’s not a priority.

Simply put: You don’t have the time to do something, you make the time to do things.

We now live in a society that sees busy as a badge. It has become cultural cliché to use the excuse I am too busy as a reason for not doing anything we don’t feel like doing.

Problem is this: if you let yourself off the hook for not doing something for any reason, you won’t ever do it. And if you won’t make the time to do the things you want to do then someone will find what do to with your time for you!

Thursday Balance Check Hack – Laura Vanderkam

How to balance your priorities – I think part of the reason why most people take track of their time is between Monday through Thursday and that’s the halfway point, and if you look at that and do an analysis of how your time has been, it’s most likely going to be a disproportionate time for a work, life, family balance, where it’s mostly work!

But, if you take inventory by midway Thursday, which is the midway point to your week, and plan out all the other things that you like to do, like time with family, and time for yourself, you’ll see that by Sunday afternoon there’s plenty of time to get everything you want to get done and have an abundance of time.

Time is Abundant Hack – Successful people’s relation with time 

The most successful people have the following relationships with time! One, they’re very intentional with their time and plan things out! After having said that, they leave open space for their schedules because they realize things are always going to come up. Or if they’re in the middle of a good conversation and they want to continue with it to brainstorm or to take it to the next level, they allow for it to do so!

Why they’re very intentional with their time to leave a lot of open space for it to grow and they and most likely feel there is an abundance of time.

Meaning they always know that they can plan around whatever time that they have available, sometimes realizing it’s not more time, but more team that they need. Whether it’s team, systems, or processes, they realize that there’s always a solution to the time issue and that there’s always an abundance of it and that is why they succeed.

Time Perception Hack – Feel more abundance of time connecting with people vs Social Media.

We did a study with 900 busy people and asked them to keep track of their time and what they were doing!

More importantly the perception of time of whatever the activities they were doing with a feeling there was abundance of time with scarcity based on their activities that will be realized in general when people interact socially with others, they felt a more abundant amount of time!

Usually with family and friends and being able to connect with them while others who were just connected to social media or watch TV felt there was a scarcity of time.

So, one of things we can do to increase our perception of time is to spend it socially with others that we care about.

The other part of this is that there’s such thing as effortless time and effort full time. The effort full time may require us to hang out with friends, but to dress up and to see them requires more effort but also that is where we gain the highest perception of time being well spent. Going out for a nice dinner and hanging out with friends gives more quality to that time spent. So, to increase your perception, spend more effort full time to create authentic connection with others vs. Social media with low returns on what you get as far as quality connection!

Expectations are Infinite, but Time is Finite Hack – How to deal with the fact there’s always things to be done – Juliet school of possibilities

So, this was a book based on someone who was in mid-level management who had a lot of tasks in front of her and was trying to decide what’s the best way of getting it done! So, she keeps this mental figure, and it gives her a way where she can be able to get the task done and find out a lot of different ways of getting a task completed.

And the concept came about that expectations are infinite, but time is finite. Which means we have this belief that as long as we can work harder and do more things, we’re going to be able to get everything done, and that’s just not possible!

So, the best thing that we can do is to realize to build a team and in the process that would help us achieve everything that on our task list. And not everything will be done by end of the day! And be okay with whatever we’re able to get done and cut off after a certain time to focus on other priorities in our lives!

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