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Success Hacks on How to Look at Pain

“I always say pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap! Think of when you stub your toe. That’s a lot of knowledge rushing in quickly to fill that gap!” Jerry Seinfeld

Weeding Out Your Heart Garden Hack – Tim Storey

Change the way you think about pain! One of the biggest misconceptions people have about pain is that time heals! If time healed, people in prison would be the most whole people on earth! Time is a revealer and an enabler. If you plant a seed in the ground and water it, in time, it will grow! The same thing happens with pain. When you hide pain deep in your soul and water it with bitterness and unforgiveness, in time those things become like weeds! They will grow up around your heart and choke out every semblance of happiness! In the same way though, if you go thru the powerful process of facing your pain and proactively weeding your heart garden, then in time you will be made whole!

Letting It Out Hack

Process for examining yourself and dealing with pain. Examine your troubled thoughts. The noise and confusion can be so dramatic that it is nearly impossible to concentrate on the voice of God. This often causes you to feel alone and afraid. In seasons such as these, it is necessary to deal with each screaming thought Individually. Separate each troubled thought and interview them independently, the way you would question quarreling children to uncover their offenses!

Strengthen your broken places. After you discover your broken places and spend time interviewing your thoughts, the next step is to strengthen the weak places in your soul! If you’re afraid to process emotions, journal and spend time with God to process your past pain. Regardless of the reasons you’re hurting or you’re numb, the best way out is to dive in! By doing this, you will become a master at discovering your pain, communicating for closure and healing your soul.

Use Your Pain Towards Your Purpose Hack – Doug Boost

A former drug addict who went to jail, was fat and unhealthy, and turned his life around to the health and wellness, now inspires others to be able to reinvent themselves.

So, I grew up being abused. I started taking drugs to essentially numb the pain. It wasn’t until I was in a jail cell with somebody who is saying, “do you know you are fat!” And so, you can just sit there and bitch about it and be a little bitch, or are you going to stop crying woe is me and blaming the outside world and do something about it! The thing about a jail cell is it’s really raw and you let go of any masks because nobody in there really cares. I was fortunate enough to have this guy want to help me out and I was so fat I couldn’t even do a push-up! So, what he told me to get me through it was take all that anger, take all the rage, think about all the people that have hurt you and put it into that push up. And every time you work out get angry, and that’s what I did. I started using my pain to get to my purpose because it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. And I was fat, and I didn’t want to be called a little bitch, and every time I thought about it and made me want to work out harder and harder. One thing that I love about fitness is that it has so many other aspects of your life, but you have to be in pain to get stronger. You have to go through pain to have growth. I think pain sometimes gets a bad rap because you have to travel through the pain for the growth. And it’s in the growth you find your purpose. So, the pain hack is that temporary pain is good because it leads you to your purpose!

Being Blissfully Dissatisfied Hack – Ed Mylett

Double check people who believe that if there’s enough pain then they will lose their drive!

Most people don’t celebrate the wins now because they’re afraid it will take away from their ambitions of being able to get to the next level! The problem is, there’s no correlation between the two! Having more pain does not mean you’re going to have less drive and having less pain does not mean you can’t have more drive!

When you have success, we need to celebrate it. When you have that celebration, we get this dopamine hit and allows you to go to the next level, then the next level, then the next level! That’s the reason why most people don’t celebrate, because they cheat themselves out of that success they had to leave to come to the next level and then they settle for mediocre and where they’re at!

So, you need to stay blissfully dissatisfied so you can continually add on to what you have to move to the next level! It will not take away from your drive. In fact, they will only add to it!

Growth Requires Discomfort Hack – Tim Ferriss

Loving the pain isn’t about self-flagellation. It’s a simple reminder that nearly all growth requires discomfort.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Say you’re running and you think, “man, that hurts, I can’t take it anymore.” The “hurt” part is an unavoidable reality, but whether or not you stand anymore is up to the runner himself!

How Can I Add Value Hack – Kelli McConnell

What do you do to deal with chronic pain when you can’t get rid of it –– so I pretty much had pain my whole life and gone to lots of different doctors and tried lots of different treatments and none of it could really make it go away. So, to give you an idea most people wake up and have a bad experience or maybe you’re tired. I have chronic pain and it starts with the head and it works its way down the body or literally feels like my face is getting stabbed and I get that every day. So, after spending most of my adult life trying to find a solution or treatment that would work and could not find one, I decided to just say how would I make it possible to be able to live with this pain? And that’s why I decided to figure out what are the things that I truly enjoy that make me forget about the pain as much as possible? For me, it was speaking and helping others. When I’m teaching, and I get someone that asks a question, or they get something from what I did that gives me a lot of pleasure and value, by the end of the day I will go back home, and I will still have pain. But then I ask myself, was what I brought today valuable and they gave me pleasure to where for that brief time, maybe I forget about the pain and enjoyed my life. And so, the hack is for me to simply come up with things that make me forget about the pain or make life more valuable for them, so the pain is minimized and I’m actually doing something that I enjoy and love.

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