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Deliberate Practice = Repetition + Growth Hack – Cal Newport

There’s a big difference between repetition and deliberate practice. Based on research done back in the 70s that said the more repetition, the better you get at something! That was the assumption. But ask yourself, to be true, if that is your practice something has a tendency to usually want to repeat the things figured out. For deliberate practice, you’re finding out what’s going to stretch here and allow you to grow. Case in point when I was wanting to write a book, I wrote three books but then I want to get better as a writer. I noticed that when I wrote on my blog, I was good as a writer, but once I started writing for a magazine, I had an editor and I had to check my work, and get it approved, so it forced me to become a better writer. That’s where I pushed from repetition into deliberate practice. So, in order to really get to mastery, did you switch from simply repeating things, to have a deliberate practice, which makes you grow the strategy? So how do you know what is a deliberate practice or distracting you from making it? When you take repetition + growth = Deliberate practice!

Deliberate practice is without a doubt the best way to make sure that you are mastering something, but it also takes a lot of work.

Deep Work Hack – Cal Newport

How to develop deliberate practice. How do you hack deliberate practice to gain mastery? What I discovered was the key behind able to practicing this to focus intensely. When I get a topic without any distractions and focus, it also leads to deeper learning! The deep learning allows you to have more high-quality work and for you to be able to learn quicker and raise your skillset and a faster period of time. So, the ability to deal with focus on that particular practice with no distractions, no calls, nothing that could get away with the ability to not only master, I was able to develop more high-quality work than I did in the past. A time which allows you to gain that skill set even faster. And so, what we discovered is that this deep work is actually a skill set, not a habit! So, the more you can focus on the work and the more deliberate your practice, the faster you got there. At this point, with the world of social media, if you’re actually building this skill set of deep work, and you’re able to focus, you have a huge competitive advantage.

While repetition is important, how you work is much more important than how much. As the old adage goes, it is quality over quantity.

Nothing Matters More Than the Quality of Work Hack – John Travolta

I was always raised with the idea that material things didn’t matter as much as your work! So, whatever you do, make that performance count! So, I took that a lot into my life and that was one of the biggest character traits that made a difference for me. Whatever work I did, I always made sure that the work mattered, and I gave it the best that I had to give in the biggest part!

Quality practice is what makes us better, and in order to have quality, we need to make sure that we are giving it our best effort.

Am I Doing It The Best It Can Be Done Hack – Mastery Hack

Here’s a question that will help you to solve what to focus on with mastery – when you do a goal, are you doing it to the best of your ability, or to the best that it can be done? Those who focus on the best It could be done are going for mastery because they realize it’s going to take some change in them in order for that goal to be accomplished. So, the pursuit of mastery is truly endless, because the focus is not on the destination, but on the process and a journey that you’re going through. Mastery is not achieved through a result but through the transformation of who you become. So how does one attain mastery? Erickson wrote a paper in the 1990s that was published on deliberate practice for increased performance and what it showed is that for a violinist to become a master at their craft, it would take 10,000 hours. Those who simply practice four hours a day were able to do this within 10 years or less. So, you need to set aside at least four hours a day or more to get the results you want. It is that deliberate practice that will get you to master your craft. One thing you’ll notice is that if you become a master in one craft, picking up other things becomes easier and easier to master as you’re able to build upon another.

But always start your day with a question am I doing it to the best of my ability, or am I doing it to the best it could be done?

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