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Success Hacks on How to Get Rid of Pressure

Who Cares Hack – Shaun White

Shaun White is an Olympian with more gold medals for skiing than any other Olympian athlete. So, when going down the hill and thinking, “how is he going to get the gold medal”, he said, “who cares”. The idea is at the end of the day I’ll get to go home and see my family and do the things I love, and this is only a part of it. I got that from Andre Agassi (a famous tennis player), when he came back. When he started winning it was because this is how he took all the pressure off and it became an essential part of the training. So, when dealing with high-performance times in your life, just remember the things that are important and do your best and ask yourself who cares. This will take the pressure off and as long as you’re taking action toward your goal and creating, you will get there!

Realistic and Absurd Goals Hack – Tim Ferriss

Dealing with pressure when setting goals – The other productivity hack is to make up an absurd goal as well as a realistic goal. For example, our absurd goal might be to be the number 1 best seller, and realistic goal may be to finish writing the book. Now, having a number one best-selling book might sound crazy based on where you’re at right now if you haven’t even written a book yet. But it makes the writing the book goal sound more realistic and a lot more achievable. And every time you think about the absurd goal, the realistic one seems very attainable and takes all the pressure off the realistic goal so you can hit it!

Alter Ego is Hack – Todd Herman

How to get rid of feeling pressure in high pressure situations permanently – What’s interesting for me is that I don’t let pressure into my reality. Pressure has no gravity in my world. When you think about it, pressure is not even a real thing, it is our interpretation of an event of which we gave a meaning. If we never gave a meaning to that event, there would be no pressure. And again, I’m not saying that pressure doesn’t exist, I’m just saying that it was their creation, not my creation. So, what if we were able as a hack to set a deliberate intent on how we interpret events where there’s no pressure and it has a different meaning? The best way to do that is to create an alter ego where we’re able to have some playfulness and think of a hero or someone that you can portray where it allows you to create a different interpretation of that event where instead of pressure, there’s playfulness and creative imagination. We as human beings are the only species that have the ability to imagine! So why not imagine how cool it would be to be a superhero or to tap into an identity that we can activate that allows us to take that same event and relieve the anxiety and the nervousness and the pressure that comes from it! Replace it with playfulness and fun that allows us to get better results and be more fulfilled from that as well.

So, to give you an example, I had a client who’s in competitive horse races and she has a tendency to get anxiety during the shows. Having all these people stare at her gives her a lot of pressure and she’s on an animal that feels everything because horses are very therapeutic and can actually feel people’s energy zones. So, she’s anxious and the horse is anxious and that affects the performance. I asked her who is somebody that would not feel pressure. She told me Linda Carter, aka Wonder Woman! I asked her why, and she said, “I can get the emotional part out of it from her because she stands strong and she never backs away.” So, we made her a wonder woman bracelet which had a clasp that had a sound on it so every time she put on the bracelet and It made that clasp, she was able to go into alter ego being Wonder Woman. She loved it because it was not her on the horse, it was Wonder Woman on the horse and that was her secret, so there was a playfulness to it. Because of that, she went from being an average rider, to winning a ton of competitions. In one of her competitions, other coaches reached out to me and asked how is this possible? I simply reminded them that our job is not to create a new human, but simply take off all the obstacles that are blocking the way from them reaching their potential. In this case, it was all the anxiety and the pressure that she had interpreted from this event. We were able to simply change that into playfulness and someone who never backs down that was already within her as an alter ego. So, whenever you have pressure or anxiety, remember that it’s not the event that’s causing it but your interpretation of it! Think of somebody that embodies the characteristics that would not feel anxiety or get nervous and you’ll be able to overcome that with a sense of playfulness! The best part is that no one will know that you’re using this strategy and you to get the results you want!

The Good Peer Pressure Hack – Patrick Bet-David

Is peer pressure good? You know I feel that we’ve used the words peer pressure so many times in a very negative way, as in peer pressure causes us to pick up bad habits and hang around the wrong crowd where we continually drink, or smoke, or waste our lives away. But I’m going to invite you to look at it from a different perspective where the pressure put on you can also be good depending on who the peer is. For example, one of the fastest ways to change your identity from who you are today to who you want to become is having the right mentors. As long as the group of peers that you have are ones where you want to emulate and be able to be more like them. This pressure can be good because like a piece of coal that goes under pressure for a long time it turns into a pearl. Pressure can define you either way whether it will be good or bad depends on who the peer is. Choose your peers wisely, and you will make your pressure work for you!

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