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Success Hacks on How to Get Rid of Anger

Journaling Hack – Alex Dee

One of the biggest hacks to controlling anger is journaling. I got a journal and started writing down why I’m angry. By doing this, I was able to figure out the deep root of it and get it solved! I was then able to avoid it in the future because I realized what was triggering it!  Make sure you actually use pen to paper vs. simply typing it into your computer or phone. There are studies that show the act of taking pen to paper will actually connect you to your subconscious mind and be able to have the most effect on releasing that anger when journaling. What’s interesting is once you finish, it feels as if a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders. In most cases, you either solve the problem or at least learn about what was truly causing the anger and releasing it. So just remember, your greatest therapist is actually the cheapest one you got. It’s a pen and paper!

Journaling is the perfect way for you to express your feelings, but what do you do with your journals from there?

Journal and Burn Hack – Dr. Habib Sadeghi

For 10 minutes write any feelings of anger out on paper. Next, take that piece of paper and throw it away or better, burn it! The Journal and Burn hack allows you to take all that negative energy and create a ritual where you physical and mentally release it, to get it out of your mind. This will allow you to focus on more positive thoughts!

Burning your negative feelings is symbolic, and is a way for you to clear away the brush of your former anger. Anger has a way of leaving a hole in our lives, the best way to purge it is to clear away that which is unfinished.

Finish it Hack – Joe Vitale

Anger is something unfinished in you. It’s a sore spot that gets rubbed when you encounter something that reminds you of the past. Clear the past and you won’t have the anger.

Clearing the past is not an easy task, however. One way you can achieve it, is to remind yourself of times that you weren’t angry.

Grateful Hack – Tony Robbins

Quick peak state change or get out of anger mode.

Whenever your angry or upset, one of the fastest ways to get rid of it is to do what we call a state change. Your current state is anger. We want to switch to happy, empowered, light, calm, or what we call your peak state. So, how do we do that real quick. Simply ask yourself what 3 things you’re grateful for now! Think of 3 things that you have going on in your life that you’re thankful for! Why do we do this?  It has been scientifically proven that you can’t be grateful and angry at the same time. So, as soon as you start focusing on those 3 things that you’re grateful for, the anger goes away. Now you’re in a peak state where we can continue in a calm and peaceful manner!

Now that you have realized what is important, and pushed away the anger that did nothing in your life, you can look back on the time you were angry and realize that it is something you can easily brush way. One way to do this is by seeing just how comical it was that you were angry in the first place.

Laugh Out Loud Hack – Tom Bilyeu

Whenever I get mad or angry, I always regret it afterwards for the wasted time that I put into that way. After a few hours or a few days, I would look back and say oh my God! Why was I so angry? Something else would happen and then I was good, and I had overcome it!

Here is my hack. I wrote this letter and gave it to my wife so she could give it to me the next time I’m angry and I can read it to myself! It said, self, hey I know you’re angry and I don’t have any other intention but to tell you, if you don’t overcome this now, you’re going to regret it. So, go ahead and just laugh out loud. Get it over with so that way you don’t have to waste all this time on something you know that in a few hours, or a day isn’t even going to matter. Go ahead and just laugh out loud now so you can break thru this!

I gave the letter to my wife and I only had to do it once and it was so profound that I was able to have that transformation every time now when I get angry. I just laugh out loud and let go of that state because when you laugh out loud it is incredibly hard to be angry and anything else.

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