How to Get Over Insecurity and Feeling Inferior Hacks

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Success Hacks on How to Get Over Insecurity and Feeling Inferior

“Watch what someone is cynical of and one can discover what they lack” – George S. Patton

Balancing the Scales Hack – Dr. DeMartini

How to deal with feeling inferior to someone else – Sometimes, meeting our heroes can be scary and intimidating. So, whenever I’m going into a meeting someone that I’m usually intimidated by, I look at what they’re good at and then look at what I’m good at. There are certain things that you’re probably good at that they are not. Make a list of those things and review it before the meeting. For example, I know I’m better at soccer then they are. Or they may be great at business but I’m a great father. This will balance the scales where you’ll see you’re both on the same plane! And you’ll go into the meeting confident knowing that you’re both equal and the energy will show during the meeting!

Why we Put our Hero’s on a Pedestal Hack – Lisa Nichols

Don’t put your heroes on a pedestal. You do this so you have an excuse for not succeeding! Just realize they’re all human like you. We all bleed red when cut. They had similar challenges, faults, and vices when they first started. They just kept going until they got to be where they’re at. And when we put them on a pedestal, it’s because we want to separate them from us and make them superhuman, so we have an excuse for not trying, not succeeding. So, don’t do it! Take them off that pedestal and realize they’re human. And if they can do it, you can too!

Humanize your Hero’s Hack – Trent Shelton

Best way to learn from your heroes and idols vs. Feeling inferior to them When people ask me how did you get the mindset to become an NFL superstar? I say I was very blessed in that one of my uncles was coaching the Charger’s, so I got to actually see Terrell Owens and Jerry Rice and what it helped me to do was to humanize them! That hey, they’re just running routes and they’re just working hard and they’re human! Just like me they breathe the same way I do, and they work hard and as long as I can do the same things, I can become like them! So, I think one of the biggest things that we can get to achieve our goals and dreams. If there somebody that we idolize, then to be able to get into that environment and humanize them to realize that how do I accomplish what they’re doing? I can do it too as long as I’m willing to work hard at it!

Perfection is the Disguise of Insecurity Hack – Gary Vee

Why do people spend so much time trying to be perfect? Because they’re thinking there’s something wrong all the time. So, they’re constantly working to make things perfect. They’re ultimately trying to reach a level of attainment that does not exist. And the primary reason why, is to accommodate for their insecurities. Insecurities of not being enough, or of not being perfect. So, don’t go for perfection. Go for action. Doing anything and feeling good is better than trying to do EVERYTHING and not feeling good.

Rewriting Your Life’s Story Hack – Alex Dee

How to get to deepest root of insecurity and abolish it Our insecurities are created by the stories that we tell ourselves! Tony Robbins said that. Most of the time we don’t even know that this is happening unconsciously! So, the biggest thing we can do is become self-aware! For example, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. The story I was telling myself was I’m no good! Why can’t I become successful and stay successful? There must be something wrong with me! As I started focusing more on going deeper, I realized I had shame from those mistakes. Shame about all the people that I may have caused pain. Doing things simply because it pleased my ego! And most of this came from shame. Insecurity is caused by Shame!

So, I had to rewrite the narrative. The story had to go from there’s something wrong with me, to I am a person of value! I’m a person who creates value in the world! Part of this came from forgiving myself for the past and realizing it was just a part of my journey in life. And the story went from being ashamed and insecure because of the past, to being what does a person who creates value in others’ lives do? Thus, the creation of Success hacks! ?

As my story changed, I was able to deal with my insecurities and shame because they were no longer part of my new life’s narrative!

So, imagine we have a bug, but we have a glass over the bug and that bug is an insecurity that you can deal with it because you have a glass over it! And usually that bug has to do with the shame that comes from whatever that insecurity is! So, if we can either write it or say it out loud and become self-aware of it, then we lift the glass on the bug and set it free. And we can now create a new narrative to our own story. And it doesn’t mean the insecurity goes away… you just become self-aware of it and each time you acknowledge it, that insecurity loses more of its power so you can deal with it and create a new story that allows you to be confident and create the life you want!

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