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Success Hacks on How to Gain Clarity

“Purpose doesn’t come from discovering something new, but from removing the obstacles that are in the way!” – T. Harv Ecker

Start With the End in Mind and Work Backwards – Rob Dyslek

Before you decide on anything, it’s important to have clarity on what type of life you want to create. So, go ahead and draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On the left-hand side put business and on the right-hand side personal. Jot down everything and all experiences that you would like to create for your personal life! For example, you may put getting married, having a first kid, having a second kid, having a third kid, becoming a grandparent, having 12 grandkids. What the last line should say is Legacy! Now you know what you’re living for!

On the business side, you might put the skills that were discussed in the previous courses, or the talents already possessed so you can start focusing on them! So, I could go from marketer, speaker, sales, community builder, 1 million lives transformed while working with you!

And then find the value! The last one is how you would like to be remembered, so you can start practicing this action now! Print this out and put on your wall every day so you remember these are your legacy goals and what you want to be able to do!

Obviously, there are no guarantees. We could get hit by a car tomorrow and it’s done. But if we’re going to live a purposeful life the thing to remember is that purpose is not given, it is created, so go ahead and create your own purpose and live life design to the way that you want to live it!

Clarity will give you understanding of the direction you’re heading, while opportunity gives you a deep peace and happiness

If you are having trouble visualizing what your end goal is, think of it in this useful, albeit morbid way.

Tombstone Goals Hacks – Tai Lopez

The best thing you can do to determine what Tai Lopez calls tombstone goals. Tombstone goals are what you would like written on your tombstone when you die!

Now that you understand what your end goals in life are, now you need to figure out the steps on how to get there. First things first, you need to create a plan.

Set a Plan Hack – Alex Dee

Set a plan and imagine you were going to potentially die at the end of each year. This will allow you to propel your goals to get them done as quickly as possible if something were to happen to you. You’re as close to your legacy goals as possible!

This concept has been said in a lot of different ways. Country music fans might have heard Tim McGraw say “Live Like You Were Dying.” No matter which way you say it and how you go about doing it, what it boils down to is developing a life philosophy.

Have Life Philosophy Hack – Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll started out as a coach of the New England Patriots. He was not successful, got fired, but then went to USC and crushed it. From there, he went to Seattle Seahawks and won a Super Bowl championship. When people ask him how he made this incredible comeback from USC to coaching professional football again, he said the one thing that led him to making such a huge shift was adopting a life philosophy.

Most people do not have a life philosophy. Something that leads them and will help in making decisions that resonates completely with them and will work every time! And this is the route or the foundation towards finding your because it leads you to discover what the one thing in life that no matter what, you’re willing to live for and even to die for!

Got it? That means you have to start looking within yourself to find a reason for being on this planet. Asking yourself “why am I here listening or reading this book”, is going to do that for you… define what that is!

If you are having troubles defining it, start by thinking about all the times you have said No in your life.

You’re Made By Your No’s – David Meltzer 

David Meltzer says to think about all the people you say no to in order to get to where you want to be in life. This may be turning down multiple projects, staying away from disempowering friends and family, choosing to work on a Saturday versus spending all day at the beach, or getting drunk. Being able to do that will allow you to be able to develop a life that creates fulfillment and happiness for you personally.

Since you’re truly are made by your no’s in life, take some time and find out what you want to say yes to, so you can recognize the no’s when they come around the corner!

Recognizing what your Yes’s are means thinking about life in a different way. We tend to think about ways our lives can go bad, but not what we need for things to go well. The trick is figuring out what you want to create.

Doing it Once You Become Clear Even if You Don’t Know How Hack – David Bayer

Where to start with the power of clarity. Most people know what they don’t want, but they don’t know what they do want. You know, if you say to somebody what do you want, they’ll spend maybe 10 seconds sifting around and then start telling you exactly all the stuff that they don’t want. It’s important to have clarity on what you want to create. You want to have clarity on the type of partner you want to have in your life. You want to have clarity on the things that you want to learn. That clarity is intimately connected to imagination. So, as we’re getting clear on something, we’re beginning to see what that thing is that we’re getting more clarity on.

There was a study done in 2009 at Harvard. They brought in piano players to play the piano and they studied what parts of their brains lit up. Then they just had them imagine playing the piano and the same parts of the brains lit up. There’s study after study after study that shows that the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

So, as you’re getting clearer around something, you’re actually building neural networks as if that image or that experience had already occurred. I mean, this is really powerful because so often people don’t know how to achieve something and because they don’t know how, they don’t spend a lot of time getting additional clarity. They don’t spend time imagining what the future would look like with that thing, or being that thing, or creating that thing, because they get stuck on the how. What I would suggest, is that if you’re willing to invest time in getting clearer around something or imagining something, you build neural networks that represent the memory of an experience that has not happened yet. That’s freaking powerful.

I mean we’re talking about next level mental technology because if you had experienced the thing already, wouldn’t you know how to do it? So, what I would suggest is that it’s that change in the neural networks of your brain that you can achieve through clarity, which is part of this kind of imagination category.

Joe Dispenza talks about it with meditation and visualization. Other great teachers talk about it in this way. You’re able to start building neural networks of experiences that have not happened yet that I believe then give you access to the thoughts, the ideas, the perceptions, and if you want to talk about creating the synchronicities that actually close the gap between that future and the present moment.

So, in summary, don’t let not knowing how prevent you from spending time getting additional clarity or imagining. That is actually what’s required to happen in order for you to know how.

Start moving, and in the moving, in getting the clarity, some of it will come to you. In moving forward some more of it’s going to come to you.

We talk about fog, right? It’s like people get stuck because they’re not clear. So, by getting more clarity, people get paralyzed by not knowing some kind of never attainable omniscience around the topic and so they stop. They move into indecision; they move into some form of procrastination. The way you get more clarity is the same way you drive in fog. You’ve got 10 feet of clarity. The way that you get 10 feet more is to move forward 10 feet, right? You get as clear as you can, then you take action and more clarity unfolds for you.

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