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Success Hacks on How to Forgive

Forgiveness Hacks – Alex Dee

Two main hacks – There are several ways to forgive, yet the best one that I’ve seen is just sitting down and writing down who you want to forgive and why, and just letting it all out on the piece of paper. Then stop and check to see if you feel better, and if you do, great. If not, keep writing. Once it feels complete, you don’t have to mail it to the individual because it’s not really about them receiving it or the reaction they may or may not have! This is about you! And It’s about letting it go within yourself. So, go ahead and burn that piece of paper as a physical manifestation of you letting go of those thoughts and emotions. That is by far the best way!

The second hack actually comes from a personal story where I wanted to get some perspective in life. One Sunday afternoon I decided to go to McDonald’s and buy a bunch of food and hand it out to the homeless people around me. While doing that something called me to pray for one of the people that I was giving the food too. The interesting thing was as I was praying for them, I felt release and a motion within myself. Once I was done, I got back into my car and just started crying and bawling not even realizing that this was stuff that was inside of me and felt so much better since then. The hack is go ahead and pray and do something for someone else who’s in need and as you do there’s some miracle within that allows you to let go of things within yourself and forgive those that you may unconsciously be holding ill feelings toward!

Resilience and Forgiveness Hack – Dr. Jim Loehr

How to get over betrayal hack – The truth is that the pain of broken trust and betrayal in a friendship is simply the cost of caring and deeply connecting with others! My healing occurred through writing about it and by exploring ways I could convert my pain into something positive and constructive. For me, it was leveraging my betrayal to build more resilience and discernment in judging character and learning forgiveness.

I eventually realized the pain I endured never once created discomfort for those other individuals who betrayed my trust. Here is what I know now after many years of living. Betrayal will happen, and betrayal is an opportunity to build resilience, to practice forgiveness of self and others, and to gain wisdom.

How to Let Go of Revenge Hack – Malala Yousafzai

(Mahala is a girl who got shot at young age and turned her story into a movement to educate girls all across the world). The best revenge is forgiveness, because to let go of any feeling of resentment and control it has over you means they did not have the affect they wanted to have!

How Forgiveness Affects the Health – Joseph Prince

If you have no forgiveness in your heart, that sometimes translates into disease in the body. Resentment builds cells in your body and drops your immune system and makes you more prone to getting sick. So, other than having peace of mind and building better mental health, it’s best to forgive and let go before it affects you physically as well!

Spiritual Hack to Forgiveness – Joseph Prince

Forgive, as the Lord forgave you. Since the Lord has already forgiven you, then you can forgive others. Even if you’re not Christian, and this is from the Bible, if you believe you have a forgiving God, then how you are forgiven you can also forgive others.

Exact Steps to Walk Out of Pain Hack – Kris Vallotton

How to stop suffering from Pain hacks – Destined to win – Many of us are unconsciously ignorant, bound by some things that have happened to us which we have not let go of! Here’s an example – Fear transforms the gift of discernment into suspicion! Suspicion is the wicked stepsister of discernment. It’s a faultfinding, critical spirit that masquerades as caring, but it’s really out to destroy your relationships! Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted! Mourning is necessary! It’s the process that leads to wholeness. Yet many people are afraid of the pain and believe their only responsibilities are to cheer people up. Consequently, hurt people push down their pain instead of confronting it, and they undermine the mourning process! This leads to a life of unresolved agony. Their pain ferments in the unconscious closets of their souls and manifests in brokenness in their daily lives. So, here are the practical steps for walking away from the pain!

Forgive those who have caused you pain! The story of the king who forgave a debtor, but the debtor did not forgive a small debt owed to him! “Should you not have also had mercy on your fellow slave, the same way I have had mercy on you?” In anger, the master ordered him turn into jailers to be tortured, until he should pay all he owed.

First, forgiveness is an act of will, not a manifestation of your destiny. Therefore, forgiveness is not an emotional decision, but a willful act! Second, forgiveness doesn’t preclude you from experiencing pain when he or she is around. Forgiveness just means you no longer will the person to be punished!

Change the way you think about pain! One of the biggest misconceptions people have about pain is that time heals! If time healed, people in prison would be the most whole people on earth! Time is a revealer and an enabler. If you plant a seed in the ground and water it, in time, it will grow! The same thing happens with pain. When you hide pain deep in your soul and water it with bitterness and unforgiveness, in time those things become like weeds! They will grow up around your heart and choke out every semblance of happiness! In the same way though, if you go through the powerful process of facing your pain and proactively weeding your heart garden, then in time you will be made whole! James and Jesus both emphasized the vision factor. The ability to perceive the outcome of the process while you are still in the midst of it. Vision gives your pain a purpose!

Strengthen your broken places – after you discover your broken places and spend time interviewing your thoughts, the next step is to strengthen the weak places in your soul! For example, first you’re afraid to process emotions, journal and spend time with God to process your past pain. Regardless of the reasons you’re hurting or why you’re numb, the best way out is to dive in! By doing this, you will become a master at discovering your pain, communicating for closure, and healing your soul.

Pace yourself through pain – eventually you’re going to need to work through every painful thought and memory, because anything you’re afraid to examine is going to keep you bound. But it’s also essential that you pace yourself and not do it all at one time. Just like working out, you need to give your body a chance to grow in between workouts. It’s also important that through emotional times and stressful seasons, that you eat healthy, sleep well, exercise often, and have fun! If you find yourself slipping into depression or anxiety, it’s most likely because you’re either processing too quickly or you are believing a lie. Anytime you are close to feeling hopeless, slow down and refocus on Gods prospective through your own relationship with him and with the help of others! Take time to build a community of friends who will remind you about your true identity and your divine destiny.

Be patient with yourself through this journey and think of this season as a marathon rather than a sprint. You will have some hard days on the way to wholeness, but you will become a much stronger person in the end. Embrace the journey!

Mistakes are Part of the Process Hack – Alex Dee

How to forgive yourself – I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life and when I used to do something wrong, it would take me forever to go through the shame and guilt to forgive myself and move on. Then I had a few hacks that allowed me to realize how I can overcome this quickly and be able to move on. The number one realization is that I am human, and as humans we all make mistakes, and making mistakes is actually a part of my life’s journey. I can do my best to avoid them, but overall the road to success goes through failure, not around it. Part of my process as a human is to actually be able to make mistakes so I can learn from them and grow. That’s part of my human journey. So looking at it that way when I just saw it as part of the process, and while my goal was to avoid him and do the best I can, mistakes or somehow and evitable through my life‘s journey, to get the learning lessons and move on, made it easier to forgive myself and get going.

Forgiving is Unselfish Hack – Alex Dee

The second hack for some of the bigger mistakes that I made, I realized that to not forgive myself was actually selfish. Because the longer I fret over it and worried and spent time dwelling on something that I had no control over it happening, the less time I could spend on serving and helping others. Whether it was to be a better husband, or spend time with my family, or to share my talents and resources with the world. And so, looking at it from a pure human level or some might say spiritual level, being able to forgive has allowed me to serve humanity at its highest, and the greatest thing I could do for humanity was to forgive myself. This way I can serve others and start providing value again as soon as possible. And to not be able to share that gift I think it’s something that would be the most regretful for me. So, the second hack is not forgiving myself is selfish. Forgiving is unselfish because you can serve humanity at its highest! So, the two Hacks for forgiveness are mistakes are part of our human journey through life and part of the process, and not forgiving yourself is selfish or forgiving is unselfish!

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