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Success Hacks on How to Find and Live your Purpose

“I am not who you think I am. I am not who I think I am. I am who I think that you think I am!

The problem is we live in a world where it is a deeper layer of perception that we create so others think we are a certain person! – Jay Shetty

Need to Unwrap your Gift Hack – Trent Shelton

Why you Need to Live your Passion.Think of it this way! When someone gets you a physical gift what are you going to do? You unwrap it and you put it on Instagram and share it with the world, right? Well, we all have that gift inside of us as well. And I think the biggest question for people is not being able to unwrap the gift that’s inside of them! My mom used to tell me, Trent, you’ve got a gift and you’re the only one who can share that message and make an impact on someone! And we all have it and there are only certain people that I can talk to where I’m going be able to break through and it’s the same for all of us! My goal is to make sure that I help as many people unwrap the gift inside of them before it’s over! So, this could be whatever people need from you. It could be an encouragement, it could be love, and you are assigned to share that gift and the only person that can give it to them is you. If you don’t share the gift and the love and encouragement or whatever that is with them, they’re never going to get it and you’re not going to leave this world a better place.

The gift that lies inside of you is the key to figuring out your purpose, but it’s not always easy to identify. If you are struggling, chances are it is because you haven’t quite figured out the placement vs. purpose problem.

Difference Between Placement vs. Purpose Hack – Trent Shelton

How to Look at Purpose. People always say you’ve got a find your purpose, and I’m always like where? Where do you go to find your purpose? Now some people find their purpose based on validation people will tell them! They’re going to do certain things and then that will give validation and they’ll go down that road defining the purpose based on the feedback they’ve gotten back from others on something they’re doing or something they’re working on!

I had to give that a lot of thought. I went back and checked back to a chapter in my book and so I believe that you are the purpose! I believe that you are you! And there was a 0% chance practically of you being born, so you are purpose since the day you were born! So, knowing that ahead of time will give you the confidence and the motivation to do and be whatever you want. There’s nothing to search for because you are already purpose. Now what you are going to do to fulfill that purpose, is placement. Me playing football or me doing rehab time to help others! That’s my placement. I can go down the street and I can impact others right now because I am purpose! And when I was in football that was my placement to be able to be trained and share my purpose. The reason why I share that is that when something dramatic happens in your life and everything is lost. You might’ve lost your placement, like a job, or your business, or someone close to you, but you didn’t lose who you were and your purpose because you’re still you and who you are. You’re just getting a different placement! So, you’re already purpose. Quit seeking it and use the placement as a way and means to live your purpose and share it with the world!

Knowing how to look for your purpose is great, but what if you don’t know where to look for it?

Insight Hack – Jon and Missy Butcher

Where to Look for Purpose? There are really only two things to define your purpose. Insight – which is to reach inside and find out what your own talents and gifts are. And two, how to take that talent or gift and share it to change the world. These are not absolute and may evolve through time. But when you have both you’ll be able to discover your purpose.

Now that you have identified what your purpose is, how do you know that you are cultivating it to its greatest potential?

H3 Hack – Jay Shetty

How you Know you’re Fulfilling your Purpose.The head to the heart to the hand. The head is your unique skill set or what you’re bringing to the world. The heart is your passion and what gives you joy and fulfillment. The hand is the service and how you give it to others! The key to being able to truly live your passion is to be able to come to fulfilling your purpose is when all 3 of these are aligned for you. So, your purpose is when you take your head – skill set – to the heart, which is your passion and then hand (the work or action) to give to others which is service! When you have all 3 Hs, you know you’re fulfilling your purpose!

The 3 H’s are a great way to know that you are fulfilling your purpose, but if you are still struggling with this concept, maybe look at it another way. Fulfilling your purpose is really just discovering who you really are.

Discovering Who You Are Hack – Randy Jackson

Spiritually, God has all given us something that’s unique! And it’s better than one another now it’s up to you to find it. So how do you do that? You have to do a lot of self-exploration and listening to yourself to find out who you truly are, and you have got to shut off all the noise, especially social media and all that sensationalism! You got to turn it off!

You got to find out what truly makes you happy. I would always tell singers, you got one song to listen to in your life! What is that song that rocks you to your core? And if they couldn’t tell me the one song, I knew that they didn’t know who they truly were. You don’t know who you truly are if you don’t know what you like. Yeah but I like 20 things. Yeah, but what’s the one thing that you can’t live without. Find out what that is and then you’ll know!

So you have discovered your purpose, and have been told that you need to grow it to its biggest potential, but why? What is the point of your purpose anyway? The answer is that purpose actually gives us meaning.

Creating Meaning Hack – Neil deGrasse Tyson

I equate that purpose and meaning are the same things. So, to have purpose means to have the meaning of life. So many people are searching for meaning like it’s hiding under a rock somewhere like “oh, there’s my meaning!” I think we’re much more powerful than that. I think we actually have the ability to create meaning in our own lives. You have the power to create meaning in your life versus passively looking for it! So, the questions I ask myself to create meaning in my life is “have I learned something today where I’m better than yesterday?” If I have learned something, then I’ve created meaning in my life! And if I do that for a day and you accumulate that over a month then I’ve actually become much better than I was a month ago. That creates meaning in my life. Another question I’ll ask is “have I helped to ease the suffering of others? Or “have I enhanced the lives of others? This doesn’t mean I’m going to take the whole day to do this because that means I am not taking care of myself. But if I can in some small measure add value to someone else’s life for that day, I’m going to do it.

And so, you’re either getting better or in some small way adding value to someone else’s life then you have the ability to create meaning in your life every day. Now is that outside of you or trapped under a rock or behind a tree? No, it’s inside of you and you have the ability to add meaning to your life every day based on how you define it!

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