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Success Hacks on How to Feel Alive

“The best life’s journey is one we create where we feel the most alive” – Joseph Campbell

Your Life Resume Hack – Jesse Itzler

How to build out a life where you feel alive – Why not do the unconventional and hang around people, think about things unique you care about, and do things that are hard because easy is boring! You should focus on building your life resume!

How much time do you have left to do what you really want to do? If all we have is 100 years and that’s all the time we have, why would it matter what anyone says about us? You may as well as live!

Think about how this time, if your parents are 70, and the average lifespan is 78, and we only see them twice a year, that means you’re only going to see them 16 more times! It’s not eight years. Take more time to spend it with those you care about and love to build your life resume! Simply put, create a list of all the things you want to do or be, and start building that resume for if you do that, you’ll feel alive every day!

U Shape Alive Curve Hack – Colin O’Brady

How to live a full life –– you know I also visualize being able to live a long life, die warm and happy in my bed with my family. I swear I don’t have any death wish where I have a want or need of death, but I also want to embrace living. My biggest fear comes in the fact of in a range of 1 to 10, where one is where you experience the biggest feeling of pain that could be caused by sorrow, failure, tragedy, shame, or guilt. And 10 is where you experience the biggest feeling of euphoria or your success, winning achievement just unbelievable life experiences, I think my biggest regret would be to not experience those ones and tens where I feel the most alive. I think most of us live between the four and six, and that’s what society has taught us to do where you might be married and it’s not the ultimate relationship, but your spouse is fine and you’re OK with that! Or your boss yells at you and brings you to four when you get home and dinner is ready and that’s a six!

So most of us live between a four and six, and I have a lot of days of fours and sixes and I’m finding a lot of those days are four and sixes, but I do it because I know It will lead to those days of ones and tens where I feel the most alive. So the key for me is what I do is I think that where one is the ultimate pain or fear in where are you flying in dealing with your biggest challenge, or a 10 where you have your ultimate pleasure and experience pure bliss, I kind of bend that into a U shape where one is at top of the curve and 10 is at the other end of the curve. And then my goal is to avoid all the 4 to 6s in the bottom of the u-shape alive curve! That for me to is the ultimate way to live my life where I’d rather feel something vs. being stuck in complacency on a regular basis where I don’t feel anything. And this avoids the whole fear of the pain to avoid the numbness in the middle. So I think for me it’s not that I fear death, but I have a fear of the fact that I may regret not living and this 1-10 u-shape alive curve has been a good way for me to monitor on making sure that I’m taking steps to live life where I feel the most alive! So, to live your biggest life, bend that curve and choose to create states of 1s and 10s where you feel most alive!

Let Go of Your Identity Hack – Kute Blackson

How to look at death –  – So we’ve done this great transformative experience called the liberation movement where I’ll take someone to India and will take away their passport and their money and basically put them on the street, and I’ll sign off on the experience and they’ll be out there by themselves for 13 days! The idea is before we start, I’ll ask them a question, “are you prepared to die?” The reason why that question is transformative and so valuable for the person as they come out and they start experiencing amazing things and looking at life completely different, and I think the primary reason is that we all know that this body as we know it is going to die one day. I mean when you look at it, Jesus died, Muhammad Ali died, Mother Theresa died, so as far as we all know that our experience in this world is transitory and at one point the body will drop. The other thing to note is that we never know when our time is up, and we keep thinking that will have forever to spend that time with our kids and live our dreams and take that trip we’ve always wanted to take. But in all reality our time might be up tomorrow, so the key is to recognize that life is fleeting, and we don’t know when that time is up so to be able to look at death and not fear it but embrace it! And to know it’s going to happen, and we don’t even know when. That’s what makes life so precious and allows us to live life to its fullest! 

The value of being able to think this way is it allows us to let go of the body, because the body drops then we get to let go of what we really think. And once we let go of that idea that what if we’re not just a body but so much more then we also get to let go of that identity of who we think we are! That we’re not just this husband or father or mother or brother or this businessperson or this role that we’ve been playing in life! We realize that there’s so much more than that encompasses who we are! So, it’s really when we let go of this identity that encompasses who we think we are: That’s based on our parents, on our environment and conditioning, and we let that die! It’s really truly the first time that we feel alive because we are present and is in that moment, we can then form something new and it’s what Joseph Campbell says is true which is the purpose of life is to feel alive throughout your journey then we have unlocked the key. To being able to feel alive because to embrace death and acknowledge that the body drops allows us the full potential and capacity to feel life and all that we are and all that we get to be!

Growth Hack – How to feel the most alive

Make a challenge every year to do something you haven’t done that will push you outside your comfort zone and do it! I could be training for a marathon, climbing Mount Everest, running 100 miles! Living with a Buddhist! It is thru growth that we truly feel the most alive!

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