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Success Hacks on How to Develop a Strong Mindset

Be Objective Hack – Colin O’Brady

You know, how I got across Antarctica is probably a lot different than what most people think because some people think it was a lot about tactics and strategy! A lot of it was where I had some of the best endurance coaches on how to tie the proper knot for tents, and have the proper weight on the sled, and all those things were critical and important factors that got me the tactics and strategies that I needed in order to succeed. But if you ask me what is the one thing that allowed me to have the proper mindset in order to do all those things, I would say it was the Vipassana 10-day silent retreat! During that time, you’re just there with your own thoughts. There’s no box, no laptops, no distractions, and someone else to feed you for a period of time. What it does is, most of us are bombarded daily by talks, and let’s say we get involved in a conversation asking about your childhood memory and that may come up for a second, and then we move onto the next thing and there are constant interactions! And iPhones that keep us from being able to connect. So, on the Vipassana retreat, it’s not like you go the first time and you do the second time and you get better and so forth! It’s actually each time you go you’re able to sit in the stillness and quiet and go deeper. So, this was a way to allow me to go deep inside the silence and realize how my mind works, and how to calm it down or be objective about things. I call it the Objective hack.

So, for example when I’m in Antarctica and you have an 80° windchill, if you let your skin sit for 10 seconds in the cold without being covered, you can actually get frostbite. I’m out for 13 to 14 hours. I could be thinking, oh my god this is ridiculous. I’m freezing and this is insane. My body is shivering and my knees are not going to make it to be able to stand outside myself and be more objective and say OK it’s really cold outside today, oh my knees are feeling a little pain, I’ll check out the wind it’s about 80° and taking a more objective way! There’s no sense of fear, or anxiety, or stress, or panic to where I’m just noticing everything objectively! I think that has been the biggest key to my success of having a strong mindset that will allow me to go through and learn the tools and tactics and strategies to be able to push through and be able to set the world record. So, I highly recommend that for people to do one of these silent retreats where you can go deeper and develop a strong mindset. It will show you how to be objective and how you think so they can be able to accomplish everything they want.

Objectivity is important to developing a strong mindset, but it’s not enough. Sometimes we need to work on our body to get the results we want in our mind.

The Body Hack – Tom Bilyeu

The fastest way to the mind. You know, most of my life I spent developing my mind, and when I went to film school, I basically failed! I took it very personally and thought I would never succeed again. But one of the things that I came to realize is that while I worked a lot on my mind and being able to develop my mindset and that is very productive, what I realized is that the body is the fastest way to do my mind. For example, studies have been done where if you physically change your facial structure, even when you’re mad and you smile, your mindset will change. Harvard has all kinds of studies about how if you do a power pose before you walk into a meeting, it will take the physical state and change your mental state as a result. And, the last example, Tony Robbins talks about being able to get into a peak state by priming in the mornings where you do these physical power moves and it will mentally change your mind to where you feel empowered. So, something to consider is that most of our lives we’ve been taught that the mind affects the body! But in actuality, based on my experience, the body tells the mind what to do, not the other way around. And so, if I know that’s true, I’m going to spend more time trying to get my body into motion and movement to get myself into peak day and have my mind follow. Now I’m not saying that that’s the only answer, but I’ve noticed based on the studies and based on my own personal experience, that tends to be true. So, while most of us are focused and in our heads, it’s important to get a body into a flow state as well and sometimes, you’ll see that when you get your body in the flow state your mind will also get into the state you want it to as well!

Body language says a lot about what our minds are thinking. Having poor body language means that we are crowding our heads with negativity. While showing this in our bodies is bad, what’s even worse is saying these negative thoughts out loud.

Don’t Say Negative Things Out Loud Hack – Trevor Moawad

Known as the world’s best brain trainer who trains elite athletes – Has trained more than eight national NCAA Championships – We’ve done studies and all kinds of things, and the challenge is people always think that to develop a strong mindset, you have to be positive. But we’ve done all kinds of tests and the biggest thing we’ve come up with is that when you say something out loud, it is 10 times more likely to happen. And if you say something negative, it is 4 to 7 times more likely to happen. So, if you say something negative out loud that means it is 40 to 70 times more likely to happen. This has been proven over and over again. So, when we train athletes it’s not so much to think positive, but when you have thoughts are just thoughts and don’t say it out loud. Because by saying it out loud you make it more likely to happen. We’re watching interviews of players and one of them said that his biggest fear was to play pro basketball for 10 years and then die of a heart attack at the age of 40. And the player went on and played 10 years pro basketball and died at the age of 40, of a heart attack. There was another instance of a man who is trapped inside of a box refrigerator on a train. He started panicking, writing all his thoughts out loud and saying that I think this is the end, and they found he died 2 hours later because he thought he was freezing. Well when they later checked the temperature inside the refrigerator box, it was 56° and it was never cold in the first place! So, his death was not due to a physical condition, but to the fact, he had negative thoughts and kept repeating them out loud over and over again making it more likely to happen. So, what we teach elite athletes, which anyone can use, that it is not so much to be positive, but get more elementary than that. When you have negative thoughts, which we all do, don’t say it out loud because you’re more likely to make it happen.

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