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Success Is However You Define It Hack – Alex Dee

Don’t put other people’s definition of success on you. We all have different DNA and are unique. It’s the same with success. Define it based on what life you want to create, not someone else! Living your life based on someone else’s definition of success will make you miserable!

Your Perfect Day Hack – Ryan Holiday

How do you know what success looks like for you? – Being able to define what success looks like for you because everybody defines it differently. What we try to home in on is are they making decision based on what they want, or what they feel others will perceive them as successful? One of the best ways to look at that is, what does an ideal day of success look like for you. Does it involve you being in an office setting with high-pressure and noise? Or do you prefer to be at home with the family and you see that as having a balanced lifestyle? This gives you a really clear idea so when you’re building your dream, you can make sure you end up getting to where you want! If you get too many days where you’re doing things that you don’t want to do, then you know that you are not heading towards your ideal day.

Some of the best ways to figure out whether you’re heading towards your ideal day is to make a journal each day and night, or as they say, prepare for the day! You reflect on the day before so that you can see if you’re getting closer towards that ideal day and everything you’re doing! Then you can see if your ideal day is allowing you work from where you want, cover family responsibilities, have the hobbies you enjoy doing, and have time to do it all. At the beginning, it obviously may not, but then you know what needs to happen with your goals to get to that point where it works. Your ideal day becomes your compass and your guiding point. The second thing to ask yourself is, am I making money, and is this money getting me closer to where I want to be, and has it allowed me to do the work that I would be proud of?

How I Feel About Myself When I’m By Myself Hack – Tom Bilyeu

Your true measure of success – You know I don’t think the world will ever know how hard I work, or my wife will know how hard I work! A lot in the mornings I’m out early and go to bed late at night and everything that I do, I mean, I could tell you that I work hard and you would think I’m lying and you might think that I am but what it really comes down to is how I define success for myself! It’s how do I think of myself when I’m by myself. And again, that’s how do I think or how do I feel about myself when I’m by myself. Because a lot of people might not see what you’re doing, and they might not like it, or they might think it’s great, but it comes down to: Did if I feel like I had a great day? Do I feel that I was productive? Do I feel that I connected on the things and people that I wanted to connect with and if I’m good with that, that’s my definition of success for that day!

Self-Love Hack – Alex Dee

You have value simply for being hack – You’ll always be successful no matter what you do if you remember this – I think if I had to take one hack for myself that has made the biggest impact to success as I would define it, which is in all aspects of my life, be it business, relationships, or health, and I’ve seen a dramatic increase for impact in all, is the self-love hack.

And what I mean by that is not self-care, but literally loving yourself to the degree where you realize that you have value without doing anything. Your life has value simply for being. The reason why I say this is the deepest root is because once I was able to love myself, I was able to make decisions that actually brought value back from me into the world. I wasn’t doing something to prove my worth, that maybe hadn’t been the best idea or opportunity.  I wasn’t gambling with time to fill that hole with empty things just so I can feel better about myself, or experience to feed my ego of achievement and feeling significant. I wasn’t trying to make money and using it as a measuring stick of my worth making how much I love myself based on the amount of money that I made.

Once I was able to do this and be able to fill that worth cup, then I made decisions that I thought would bring value to my life and have a huge positive impact on others as well without having to make any sacrifices or compromises.

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