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Hacks on How to Deal with Something Tragic

Perspective Hack – Trent Shelton

My mom recently had cancer. And she had dealt with cancer before, and we thought that she had beat that and on the day which she’s ringing the bell saying she had beat cancer, she wasn’t feeling good! I just said, hey mom that’s just your mindset. Then two days later she had brain cancer, so that was pretty tough for me because we thought it was over and here it is, still here and having to deal with that! How I actually got over it, and I wish it had not happened, but it did was one of my best friends’ mom actually passed away in her sleep! So I came back to my mom and said “hey mom as much as this sucks, the good thing is that you’re still alive and even though this is painful at least you’re alive to feel this pain because there’s a lot of people that wish they could even be able to feel the pain”. So, I just became grateful. Even though when people ask me how I deal with it, I don’t really have words for it! That’s the perspective I choose to look at it to see what I call the beauty of cancer. My mom is still alive and I’m grateful that she could still feel the pain and that’s my big hack for that, is that your perspective can give you pain!  So, if something is causing you a lot of pain, change your perspective because in almost every situation it could always be worse than it truly is.

If you’re looking for a blessing, realize that 150,000 people die every day, it’s over 50 million a year, so every day that you’re alive is actually a blessing – so there’s a blessing in that.

Perception goes a long way toward how our minds react to tragedy in our lives. One thing that is hard to put into perspective though, is pain.

Your Pain Is Your Perspective Hack – Trent Shelton

How to get rid of pain. The best way to get rid of your pain is perspective. The time we go through pain we look at it and it’s really based on our perspective. One of the best examples of the story of my mom having cancer which I just shared. And so really if you want to suffer less pain and see the beauty in everything, the key for us is to really look at the deepest route to that pain, and most of the time, it’s perspective!

Pain hurts, there’s no denying it. However, just because it hurts doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be gained from it. If you truly want to rid yourself of pain, you need to learn how to embrace it.

Embrace the Pain Hack – Alex Dee

When dealing with something tragic or a loss, remember it’s temporary. There’s an old saying that says wherever you go, there you are. So, no matter what business, or what relationship, or your health, wherever you go, there you are. So when you find yourself doubting whether you’ve been doing things the right way and there’s a lot of pain, and sorrow, and shame, and guilt, and the challenges you want to move on, because you want to be productive and let the pain go because you want to be productive.

I’m going to tell you when you hit that phase in your life, go ahead and embrace the pain temporarily while it’s fleeting. It’s available to you just during that time in your life. You will be able to create the natural circumstances in advance to have wind up in that particular moment. Time will change again where you become happy and productive again, but before that brief time of grief or sorrow lapses, when you actually have the blessing to go thru that struggle and pain, it’s is the time to look deeper into yourself to your soul and see how that pain for that period of time is a true reflection of your soul?

It might tear you apart where you don’t want to waste it, so you get the lesson! You get the transformation that it’s there for you now that through that pain before the healing begins. It took a deep level of pain for you to be able to get in such a deep connection with yourself where you never waste it and go deeper and get the lesson behind it while it’s there for your experience. Then realize, after you embraced the pain and have that phase, it’s all a process and this too shall pass, and the pain is temporary! But remember to be able to embrace and don’t make it come out too soon! So, you can get the message and have the ultimate experience of being human, to experience that feeling, and make you a deeper person!

Embracing your pain and changing your perspective all boils down to the same thing. How we deal with tragedy really depends on how we look at the situation we are in.

How to Look at Things Hack – Sam Oven

Most of us look at things, versus our relationship with those things. The ability to not have to deal with stress and anxiety and being overwhelmed comes from being able to look at the relationship with those things versus the thing itself. I’ll give you a great example! I am not my results; I am my relationship with my results. The difference in how I look at this will impact me greatly. For example, if I think I might get results and I don’t get those results, I may think I’m not worthy! I’m not enough! Why can’t I do this? I’m not as good as everyone else! And then I’ll suffer from stress, anxiety, being overwhelmed, possibly depression, I’m not able to accomplish my goals. But if I look at my relationship with my results and I look at it as something that is not me, but something outside of myself, I will say OK what did I do good? What could I do better? And how can I get closer to hitting my goals? What skill sets might I need to acquire in order to do so?

It is more of an objective look or something that is outside of myself that I can look at, versus thinking that I am that thing! So, therefore, I have an outside perspective of it because if you really look at it, we are a soul that is much bigger than one thing. So, to be able to even say that we are just this one thing, be it your results, or your marriage, or a parent, it’s so much smaller than who we really are. These are the roles we play, which brings it back again to the relationship we have with that role. Once I was able to make this distinction, it took out all the emotional disempowering beliefs and allowed me to focus on what I need to do with my relationship, with that thing itself, to make it better! Be it being a better husband, becoming a father, or doing better in business or health and nutrition. And it also allowed me to feel more fulfilled knowing that I have control to change my relationship with the thing at any time. So, the key to look at things is to not look at the thing, but the relationship you have with the thing, so you can see it objectively and make the necessary tweaks you’d like to make!

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