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Success Hacks on Dealing With Other People's Opinions

“When you have a Lot of noise around you and they are naysayers, you need to turn up the volume on your dreams!” Alex

They Got What They Needed to Out of it Hack – Lilly Singh

How to deal with haters responding on social media. When someone writes something negative about me like, “you must’ve slept with two executives to get your followers”, It’s really easy to come back and respond. But what I always think about is putting myself in that position and saying, well I didn’t write something like this. Why would they need to answer? And what I always come up with is that they must not be happy, and there are probably things going on in their life that has caused them to do this. So, while I’ve actually written down stuff to respond, but I usually end up deleting it, remembering that there is something internal going on with them, inside of them, and there must be a reason for them to do it.

They must’ve gotten something out of it and I just let it go!

Letting it go is great for getting haters to stop, but it might not thwart them from doing it in the future. To achieve that, consider using a little empathy.

Empathy Hack – Gary Vee – Alex dee

How to deal with haters. I personally asked this question of Gary Vee when we had a chance to meet. I asked him, “how do you deal with all the haters as you get bigger and bigger?” I loved this response! He said, “have empathy!” And I said, empathy for what, that they can make comments like that?” He said, “Empathy that you’re not them!”

It was so deep and profound that it made complete sense and I said thanks!

Empathy is a powerful tool, because it shows that you don’t acknowledge the things they say as having any merit. You have built yourself as a leader in this subject, because you have unique insight. Being unique is something haters often struggle with.

How to Deal with Haters Hack – James Aldrich

The critics are nothing more than Dreamers who got scared and never got off the chairs or got back in the game! Remember if you think differently and go against the grain, then that is the definition of a leader! The leader is someone who is not a follower. The great ones are always called crazy because they think differently, so it’s OK to have critics!

You know you think differently when it comes to your area of expertise, and it has gotten you to the point you are now. With that in mind, think differently about the people that hate on you. Instead of haters, maybe they are consultants

Free Consultants Hack – Patrick Bet-David

How to deal with haters. Haters are like free consultants! The good ones will always give you ways you can improve yourself and catch the weaknesses or tweaks you might need to make! So, I always love my haters, because they’re the best consultants. And just like all consultants, only some of them are good and give good advice! And some just suck! Either way, I thank them for being free! ?

Consultants will give you their opinion on what they think is best, whether that opinion is positive or negative. The reason why is because they don’t have the same vision that you do.

How to Look at Other People’s Opinion When They Don’t Support You Hack – Rachel Hollis

Don’t expect others to see your vision. So we’re having an event and I had this amazing idea of wanting to do this huge song and dance at the end of the event. Sure enough, my team and my husband thought I was crazy. They basically talk me out of it and said “hey, it doesn’t make sense! You don’t know anything about choreography! How would you have time to get this done?” Obviously, it was from a place of concern. It’s not that they didn’t love me, it’s just they didn’t see how it’s going to be possible. And, of course, normally when you have an idea as a dreamer, the biggest thing you can do is tell others and then they will talk to the same things you already are anxious or having Anxiety about. But I just couldn’t let go of this idea of having a song and dance and having these women there and how much it would be fun and how much Joy would bring! So, I just said you know I’m going to do it anyway! I found this choreographer and sure enough, as soon as I told him, he was like “yes, let’s do it!” What’s really interesting is when you start speaking to your dreams you allow others to do their dreams as well because here’s a guy who’s been waiting to do this choreography number forever! And now he gets to live that as well! So, sure enough, we did it and the biggest lesson to it is that when you have a dream that has a place in your heart, don’t expect others to get it because it’s been uniquely placed inside of you. Even if you’re not successful at it or not sure how it would happen, the question is does it bring joy to your heart? If it does, then do it because that’s really what it’s about!

Bringing joy to the world is important, because human beings will think differently based on the mood that they are in. One problem that many people have when confronting haters is that we often forget that they are human too.

Humanize Your Haters Hack – Tim Urban

How to get rid of hate hack. I think we should have a billboard where when someone has a one dimensional point of you, you’ll be able to place the person that they hate in the way where they have something in common or in a way that’s human! For example, if you have something against the Muslims, you’re able to see that person taking care of their parents on their deathbed, or they are taking care of their children and walking in the school making their lunch for them!

I think humans can only feel real hatred of people if they’re able to dehumanize them in their heads! If someone is exposed to reality and reminded of the full humanness of someone they hate, the hatred usually fades away and empathy pours in!

While your haters might not see the human side of you, you can certainly see the human side of them. With this thought in mind, there is no reason why your interaction with them needs to be anything but civil.

How to Approach Different Viewpoints Hack – Civility Hack

Do you know the definition of civility? It is the ability to not agree with someone’s perspective but still be able to listen and try your best to understand their viewpoint. While you may not agree on certain viewpoints, there are certain things that we need to explore so we can find the deepest route behind all of us as humans. That is our humanity! Because for all of us as humans we are driven by most of the same mutual needs and values. While some people’s goals may differ, the deepest roots to these values are inherently the same which is we want peace, we want freedom, we want happiness for our love ones and ourselves. We want our children to grow up and be happy and live a fulfilled life, and for most of us we want our lives to have a deeper purpose. While we all may have different definitions of what this means, and how this is achieved, the deepest reasons for our inherent goals are the same! That is a common ground that we can start with that will allow us to listen and not be defensive when others pose counter viewpoints. Allow there to be space for them to be heard so there’s an opening to have a conversation on what’s possible with two opposing thoughts and viewpoints collaborate. What this provides is the best chance to find a common ground. The inherent goal is to come to a solution, but there’s not one always reached. To practice the value of civility and if both sides continue to do so, there will be a much higher consciousness that will create the opening for them not to only be happy and fulfilled, but come to a common ground as a result of the transformations that are occurring within them together. That is the practice of civility.

Remaining civil in your interactions shows that while you might not agree with your haters point of view, you are mature enough to hear out what they have to say and take it into consideration. When you have a discourse with someone that follows the civil path, more than likely they will follow you down that path too. This is a way of introducing behavior transformation.

Family Will be more Affected by your Example than your Education Hack! – Jay Shetty

What about family who isn’t growing where I am? The proof is in seeing your behavior transformation. Introduce them to people who they’re inspired by, not those you’re inspired by!

As we grow, we don’t want to leave our loved ones behind. So how do we help them to grow with us? My answer is that people will be inspired more by our example and transformation then with our education. It’s great because you go and learn these things and you want to share with them and they’re like “oh, that’s great”, but if you want to see them transform you need to transform and that will have a more profound impact on them than just the things that we’re learning.

The other thing is I had one of my teachers as a Buddhist monk who was the sweetest person, but he was just very harsh in his response when one of his students came up and asked him “Hey I’ve been doing all the spiritual things and how do I get my family to change and to be able to come on this journey?” The student was just very flustered and frustrated and just kind of blurting everything out and so my teacher said, “tolerate them as I am tolerating you.”  I was like wow you just got served! ?

In all reality you have to realize that while you’ve been waiting for them to change, somebody else is waiting for you to change. Whether it’s a mentor or a teacher or even a spouse or parent someone else has been waiting for you to have your transformation. I would say the biggest thing is patience and most of the time it just requires us to show love, compassion, and even get out of the way because you can’t change someone, that transformation has to come from within themselves. Remember to introduce them to who they are inspired by, not your source of inspiration. We’re very rarely impressed by our family when we’re kids. We have gratitude later on but most of the time kids have their own sense of inspiration. Introduce them to their heroes and you’ll see them be more engaged on making a transformation!

Transformation is how we grow as humans, but in order to fully transform, we must first be aware of who we are and what we stand for.

How to Deal with Haters – Self-Awareness Hack – Alex Dee

The truth is if you’re doing anything worthwhile or different, you’re always going to have haters! Think of it as part of your process on your path to success! The more success you have, the more haters will pop up from the woodwork to disagree with you! So, what’s the hack for this! Self-awareness! I used to get so bothered by what others thought and said about me. But as I grew more aligned with who I am and what I really wanted to create, I realized I didn’t care as much about what others thought about what I was doing. Because what I was doing made me happy. So, the more self-aware you become, the more certain you are in what you’re creating, and then you’ll keep your drive NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS! Especially when you start seeing results for others. So, let them hate! You’re playing a BIG game, and God willing, your game will only get bigger where you’ll have more haters! So, congrats! Welcome to impact and making a difference! And remember, they never build statues to the critics, only to those who are on the field playing the big game!

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