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Acceptance Hack – Hal Elrod

How to be emotionally invincible. Many times we have emotions that come out, whether it is frustration, sadness, or anger if you were to ask somebody what triggered that they always say it’s a “thing”, right? I am sad because of the loss I had! I’m mad because of the traffic! I’m frustrated! Did you see what she did? We’ve gotten very good at justifying those emotions because of the “thing” and actually it’s not! It was never because of the thing because with me we could very well have a different reaction. So, what are you to do during this time of just sitting in traffic and being mad at the car in front of you? You can get mad and frustrated, but it’s not going to help the car move any faster, and now you have spent 30 to 45 min with all this emotional turmoil. Another way to go would be to play some music and say, “well, there’s nothing I can do to change it so I may as well work on feeling joy in this present time, and then the traffic has no control over me.” You can apply this to different aspects of your life. If you lose someone, spend some time mourning and going through the process. When you’re angry, take a five-minute rule and break it down, and then after that, move on and realize that your emotions are not because of the “thing.” So, what is the hack for this emotional invisibility? Acceptance! Usually, the reason why we have all these emotions is not because of the thing, but because of the resistance of the thing. As soon as we accept what is, then we can make adjustments and focus on the things that we can control through the process!

And remember it’s not about what’s going on around you, it’s about what’s going on inside of you.

In order for us to truly accept our role in our emotionality, we need to be able to keep our egos in check.

It’s Your Ego and Gain Perspective Hack- Jocko Williams – Author of Extreme Ownership

How to get control of your emotions or anger. There are obviously times where we see people lose their heads quite often. In fact, it happens more often than you think. For example, whenever I start feeling those emotions coming out and whether it’s that I’m angry, or mad, or someone says something and it triggers me to wear my emotions, the first thing that you have to do is just step back and realize what’s happening to your emotions, and be aware of them! The second thing, which is my hack, whenever my emotions do come off like that, I step back and I just say, “oh that’s just your ego.” Because whenever you’re mad it’s usually your ego that’s been offended for a lack of better word. And then you feel the need to start defending yourself and become not even yourself, but your ego self! So, whenever I feel like something is coming up instead of having all that pent-up rage to put towards another human being which is usually going to only make it worse, I just simply step back and remind myself that this is my ego! After saying that, and saying great now that I know it’s my ego, what is this other person trying to articulate? What is their viewpoint that maybe I’m missing, or what if my ego wasn’t involved! How else could I interpret this where it would make sense and I can see their perspective? Usually by doing that, I’m able to get the problem solved without all my rage or attacking the other person. So, whenever I get mad now, step one is to know it’s my ego. Step two is to step back and see the other person ‘s perspective. When your practice this enough it’s easy to see that whenever you get angry and it’s your ego that’s being offended and getting you triggered, as it happens less and less, you’re able to react more constructively. Not to mention, it makes you a lot happier and more peaceful!

Once you understand that your ego is what’s driving your emotions, you can see how in reality our emotions aren’t just born in us, we generate them ourselves.

Emotions are Something you Generate Hack – Brendan Bouchard

How to control your emotions. Emotions are not something that you have, emotions are something that you generate. Impulses are something that you have that generate feelings, but how you react to those feelings can be cautiously controlled by you when you’re aware of them. So, if you know that emotions are really the route to feelings, then the question becomes how do you control emotions? You start by just practicing feelings of joy, abundance, and happiness, things that you actually want to have in your life, and you have those emotions, those feelings will naturally be the results. The more you practice it, the more consciously you’re able to create that on a regular basis.

The best ways to practice your emotions is to consider this 5 minute rule.

5 Minute Rule Hack – Hal Elrod

How to get over major failures or disasters emotionally. Hal Elrod is the author of Morning Miracle. Some of the things that he just happened to overcome; one was a huge car accident where he stopped breathing for six minutes and was in the ICU, where he literally died over 20 times in a span of 48 hours. He was able to overcome that, and just as things were going well, he ended up getting cancer and had to battle through that. So, what was interesting is that the fact that he just overcame a lot of these things but the fact that he did it while being happy, which is the exact opposite of what you would expect someone to be able to do so!

When asked how was he able to get control of his emotions during such huge adversities in his life he said, when he was in direct sales, his manager taught him something called a five-minute rule, which is up in life when you’re making sales or in whatever you do, you’re going to have some huge disappointments. You’re going to have sales that don’t happen when they were supposed to happen! The customer is going to cancel on all kinds of things and what you need to have is a little five-minute rule, where for five minutes we can go bitch and groan and you do everything you can to let out that emotion! But after five minutes, you’re done and then just ask yourself can I change that? If the answer is no then let’s focus on the things that you can change. So, when the accident happened, the doctor said I wasn’t going to walk or do anything, so I took five minutes! While I can’t change that, I asked myself, what can I control? Well, I can be the happiest person in the wheelchair. As I was doing this the doctor thought I was delusional, but I also put in the thought of the possibility that maybe someday I could walk again. While that’s not what the doctor thought was possible, it is something that I could work towards! I might not be able to change it but at least I can work towards that goal! Well, within a span of a few weeks the doctors came in and couldn’t believe the fact that I was healing faster than they’ve ever seen and they said we could possibly get into walking within a short period of time. This five-minute rule has served me really well when things happen in life that could knock out my whole day or week, I just take five minutes and ask can I change that? With everything you can’t change, take the time to bitch, moan, get it all out, and then ask yourself what can I change? And just focus on that. And now that you had the release you can focus on only things you can change!

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