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Success Hacks on How to Come Back from Being Broken

Suffering is How You Find Yourself Hack – David Goggins

How to look at suffering – you know I don’t listen to theorists! I listen to the people that look to people that are out there each day doing it! I look to them and when I ask them what’s wrong, their response is like “Oh my God I’m in pain because I worked hard today, and I got to wake up and do this again tomorrow”. That person is going to the suffering and continues to suffer every day and I like these guys! Maybe because some people think they can catch up with me because they have a good week and think I lost my edge! But you have got to realize that while you reached the top of the mountain, I’m busy climbing on another one, and it’s Suffering, and it’s that daily grind I’m suffering. I found myself after the hundred-mile race, after breaking my leg at 80 miles, and running the rest of the 20 miles with a broken leg! And I found myself when I finish buds with navy seals! And I found myself when I call myself back in the mirror and started hitting the gym every day! It was through suffering that I found myself, and that suffering became a part of my daily grind. And I found myself at the beginning suffering from whining, sitting on mediocre. So, go ahead and add some suffering or if you’re going through stuff realize that’s OK. It’s through that suffering that you’re going to find yourself and realize you’re one tough mother*&%$!

When You’re Broken Hack – Jon and Missy Butcher – Mindvalley

No matter what you do in life, no matter how positive or negative, there’s going be times that are going to be a huge disappointment, or failure and grief. Life is going to beat you down and you’re going to end up broken! In times like this the best thing to remember is this old 15th century story where a king had a beautiful teacup brake. He sent it to get fixed and it came back with staples on it and didn’t look good. So, the king then hired a new art craftsman and this artist decided to pour liquid gold into the cracks in order to mend it and put the cup back together! What emerged was something that was so beautiful that it became art. So, the moral to the story is, when you go through life there’s going to be times where you get broken but what develops are scars in those broken areas. As you fix them, you come out brighter, shining with gold inside. This makes you the most beautiful art, as you heal and move forward in life!

So, on these rare instances when I end up having, as aye rand says, a permanent scar across my existence which has happened and can happen again, well at least I’m going to make it a golden scar. And hopefully become a better, more beautiful and ultimately happier person, not in spite of my brokenness, but because of it!

Brokenness Teaches Us Compassion Hack – Bryan Stevenson

Attorney who represents poor and broke African Americans who did not get a fair trial or hearing – on his clients and what they’ve suffered and how he perceives them – I really believe it’s the broken among us that teach us the way compassion is supposed to work. It’s the broken that can show us how we are to have redemption and justice.

What Role Did I Play and Sexy Scars Hack – Alex Dee

How to let go of something terrible that happened to you – I’ve been involved now in three big losses up until this point in my life that happened to be insanely intensive! Each time I took the learning lessons from it to the next one! But it still left a scar that made it very hard to keep moving on. By the time the third one happened, I had to start realizing that while looking back, maybe it’s something with me and what role did I play in all this, because I obviously played a role. So, what else can I do to learn from this? What I discovered about scars is sometimes what causes the scars are pretty ugly and hard to look at but at the same time who you become through the process of getting a scar is sexy! So, look at your scars as one of the sexiest things about you and by sharing your stories about your scars you’ll inspire others to share theirs and discover the sexiest part about themselves as well!

A Comeback Is Not A Go back, But A Reassignment Hack – Tim Storey

How do you post the comeback after – the comeback kid – coach to Robert Downey Jr. and several others who were down and out and posted their comebacks!

When you go through something that puts you out, whether it’s a job loss, or divorce, or what I call divided force, or some kind of incident that comes into your house and just puts you out, and you get to the state of days or fog. What I always tell people is most people interpret this is, now they have to do some kind of a discounted version of their own story, like they’re marked irregular! And they can be able to do what they wanted to do again. And for most people the key is they have turned left and what I tell people is you can take this left and turn it it right into a library of learning, or sanctuary to go deeper. So, when my mom went through a divorce and was dealing with all that, I stepped up and I said I got this! And I was a 12-year-old because I realize that’s for me to get crap done idea and that’s how I can turned my left into a right.

Another question to ask is, how do you go from being so far gone left if you can actually have breadcrumbs and leads you to the right. And there’s the hack. Most people think that a comeback is a go back. What happens if they try to go back to where they were before, and that’s more frustrating than anything else! The truth is the comeback is not a go back, but rather think of the comeback as a reassignment. That is something that you think of your library of learning and delve into deeper! And see it as a reassignment of where you can take what just happened and turn it into something more, or transition to something new. For example, Robert Downey Jr. is now doing a lot of work with prison reform and helping prisoners because he had a reassignment thanks to the experiences that he had during his time in prison, when he was left and transitioning to the right. So yes, when you’re left is a mess, just remember when you’re going from transitioning from the left to the right, they’ll be a reassignment and that mess will become your message. The key is to become aware of that spot that while you’re going through it and be looking for clues of houses for reassignment and what is my library I’m learning at work and I go deeper into this to find the message.

Disclose Up Front and Build Trust Hack – Dave Meltzer

When you’ve done something wrong and try to move on with your life and worried about other people finding out while making your comeback – I have dealt with some litigation and had a lot of bad press about people losing money and I held myself accountable. I was looking at how do I get back into the game again with this big negative thing that’s out there about me? How do I rebound from all this? I read a book called Illuminate, and the author talked about a guy who he interviewed was convicted of white-collar crime. Before every interview he would say hey before we move on I just want to tell you I was convicted of a white-collar crime and I went to jail for about six months and I was held accountable for what I did and it’s done and over with but I wanted you to know in advance because that’s me and if you don’t want to work with a felon, I get it. What ended up happening was that not only would people do business with him, but they actually trusted him more for disclosing that information up front. And the other part is with the world we live in, where 100% of what you do is pretty much online anyway, most people that he would’ve done business with would’ve found out anyway and that would’ve ruined 100% of his credibility. That goes back to what one of my friends said and it’s so true which is David, I’d rather have people love me for who I am than to love me for who I am not.

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