How to Become Successful and Keep it Long Term Hacks

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Success Hacks on How to Become Successful and Keep it Long Term

Hack to building success long term is mastery and falling in love with the process! The deepest hack to mastery is obsession. And the hack to obsession is drive!” – Alex Dee

How to Think Hack or How to Create Transformation Tack – Evan Puschak

The Nerd Writer – The Secret to Long Lasting Change Hack – Transformation Hack – It’s transformation. The way we all learn how to think is to study the mind of geniuses. Through their truth they reveal to us truths about ourselves, so we take what they share and adopt their philosophies as our own until we develop our own style and form our own version based on our experiences and our stories!

Why is Obsession the Hack to Mastery – Lilly Singh

So why is an obsession good? Obsession allows you to wake up and you get to break rules and to make rules and see how it all plays out. You get to wake up every day and ask yourself how else I can innovate, and what can I do that is different than others and self-check every day waking up and adding value to the world! As you add value, your purpose shines through, and it allows others to find theirs! And what makes it even better is your purpose shows through. When your purpose shines through and allows someone else to find a purpose and inspired to continue to create that ripple effect!

Build a Value System Hack – Tom Bilyeu

Millionaire who sold his nutrition company and then started deep impact theory podcast that impacts millions. The deepest hack to mastery is obsession. The deepest hack to obsession is drive! How do you keep up the drive once you’ve made it? – I have built a value system and I have decided as one of the top values is to have a positive impact in the world. I built that up with such focus and fervor that once we exited quest (our company) we really didn’t need to work again. I mean had you known being able to buy our own island type of money for that was no longer an issue and as far as retiring and not doing anything again and going to buying a private island the interesting thing was that wasn’t even a consideration because knowing myself which is the most important part, It was important for me, whether this is good or Bad it’s irrelevant, but it was critical to me to matter. I don’t have to be famous; I don’t need to be visible, but I need to do something that matters. That is so crushingly important to me that a borderline pathological. But I do think that’s the type of obsession that allows you to have the drive to continue and to be able to continue after having that type of success that you had always wanted is to reach deep within and defined a value system to find out what is going to be either the next level or the next thing that you tell yourself that moves you to the next transition in your life.

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