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Success Hacks on How to Attain Happiness

“You don’t want to be the richest man in the graveyard. You want to be the happiest guy on the way to the graveyard”

Why We Are Not Happy Hack

You have to define those moments of happiness whatever they may be. Whether it’s emotional or physical, mentally write out all the ones that matter to you. They could be relationship moments with your loved ones, moments of achievement in business for benchmarks that you had in your business or traveling and doing things that you always wanted to do!

On the exact opposite end of the scale is how do we avoid our own happiness. That comes from avoiding comparison. Most of us are truly happy when we are focused until we start comparing ourselves to others which then gives us the reaction to focusing on all that is not versus all that at that is. The truth is you can never be someone else, as Oscar Wilde says, it’s best to be yourself as everyone else is taken. We all have unique DNA and the best thing you can do in your life is just to be yourself. What does that mean?  What that means is you get to CREATE who you want to be each and every day and create the moment in your life that gives you true happiness and the only one who can define that is you!  So how do you decide what creates happiness? Think of all the special moments that brought you happiness in your life and get those on your calendar each week so you can literally create the happiness that you want in your life!

The ability to create happiness is not an easy thing to do. To do so, you need to break it down to the 6 human needs.

Ability to Create Hack – Alex Dee

Tony Robbins talks about the 6 human needs to achieve happiness:

1. Significance
2. Certainty
3. Variety
4. Love and Connection
5. Growth
6. Contribution

So how do you hack this and make it even easier and boil it down to one word?  It’s your ability to CREATE!  To create the life you want! That ultimately is how you attain happiness! Let’s say you take the 8 habits of highly successful people and say there are 5 goals in your life that lead to getting these 6 human needs – physical, emotional, financial, mental, and spiritual!

You can then make your weekly goals and schedule based on those goals!  Let’s say you have these aspects:

physical – fitness

emotional – relationships

mental – growth

financial – work or skillset

spiritual is your contribution and fulfillment!

You’re going to schedule the time for each aspect of your life.

Relationship – date night each week.

Spiritual – church and reading something in the morning that allows you to get nourished spiritually.

Mental might be an audiobook or book you read and meditating in the morning to get clarity.

When you add these, you’ll notice you’re getting to create the type of life that makes YOU happy.

As for time, let’s face it.  We all have the same 24/7 we work with! How are some people able to do it all while others don’t?  It’s not because they don’t have the time, it’s because they block out the calendar and CREATE the time to do the things that MAKE them happy!  Be it relationships, wealth, or health, it all is about creating time and putting it in your calendar ahead of time.

And if you are working so much that you can’t even block out some time for each of these each week, like I was, this is what causes stress which ultimately leads to not being happy!  It doesn’t require much time.  If you think about it, most of your most memorable experiences we have were due to blocks of 2 hours of time. Whether it’s your favorite date, birthday celebration, vacation, you can create any type of experience in 2 hours of time! So block it out and make it happen! This is the deepest root of happiness! Don’t forget, the best way to create happiness is to create the time on your calendar for what makes you happy!

Setting aside this time is like giving yourself a little gift each week, and what gift could be more welcoming than the gift of happiness to yourself!

Happiness Hack – Mike Maples Jr.

Happiness is about understanding that the gift of life should be honored every day by offering your gift to the world!

Be kind to yourself and your own mind. Let your mind show you the same kindness and just fired to show others!

In order for you to truly be kind to yourself though, you first need to figure out what causes you bliss.

Follow Your Bliss Hack – Kyle Maynard

Bliss is the highest peak of what brings you joy! If happiness is just above the status quo, bliss is what makes you feel the most alive. Expect it will take courage to follow your bliss, and expect it will suck at times. Expect you’re going to have to take risks for it! Expect that others won’t necessarily understand. Also, expect what gives you bliss today may not be what does tomorrow! But as long as you follow you’re bliss, you will always be happy!

If you are having problems figuring out your bliss, think of it this way. In order to truly be happy, you need to evaluate your appreciation vs. your expectations.

Appreciation vs. Expectations – Tony Robbins

An interesting thing to note is that most of us come from all different backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and we each have a certain set of expectations we have for the world and the relationships that we have to fulfill! What’s interesting is that each one of us has different expectations of what we think others should do and how we should be treated. In general most of us can agree on “how others should be treated” and “what others should do” is a whole different concept! What’s really fascinating is the fact that we think our expectations are the truth, rather than of our opinion that we’ve created based on our environment beliefs and perspectives! When others don’t act in accordance with our expectation of them, it gets us frustrated, angry, and sad. Basically, everything but happy! That’s why switching from expectation to appreciation creates so much abundance and space for the whole world and your relationships to fit! They might not meet in your expectation box but they will definitely fit into your appreciation box! It is actually impossible to be grateful and appreciative and be mad at the same time.  Try it. Next time you’re angry, think of 3 things you’re grateful for right away and see what happens. You’ll see the anger dissipate because you have a whole new perspective.  So one of the biggest hacks to happiness to switch living a life filled with an expectation to one filled with appreciation!

Once you understand that you need to have appreciation instead of expectation, you can see why you need to ensue happiness rather than pursue it.

Ensue, Don’t Pursue Happiness Hack – Viktor Frankl

Happiness cannot be pursued! It can only be ensued! Which means do the things that make you happy! Happiness is not created by something on the outside. It’s created within us and we get to define what makes us happy and create those experiences and moments!

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