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Success Hacks on The Different Perspectives to Live Fully

Prospective Hack – Albert Einstein

How your life will turn out will largely be determined by whether you see the world as a friendly environment or a hostile environment.

A great way to see the world as friendly, is to concentrate on what is in front of you. Mainly, start working on your own land.

Working your Land Hack – Tim Storey

What to do in life hack –  There’s a proverb that says if you work your land will have abundance, but if you chase fantasies you lack wisdom. People say what’s your land. The land is what’s in front of you. So, if you’re in seventh grade you work your seventh-grade land! If you’re a camera man work your land! If you’re a coach, work your land. It starts with studying to work the land and it starts with plowing the ground, planting the seed, watering the seed, and only then do you reap the harvest. So, let’s look at that and see what it means.

The key is you have all of this stuff on social media and see people like you and me on here doing an interview, but we don’t realize it took a lot of hard work to actually get here to this place to leave them plowing the field for a while. Second, you got to not only plant seeds, but you need to plant the right seeds. So, if you take a look at Oprah or some of the different people that are out there, you’ll see that they got to where they are now by plowing those fields. But they were watering the field, so the key is also planting the right seeds for the water to nurture that seed and make it grow. Then you must be patient through that process to reap the harvest! It is like a bamboo tree might take four or five years to notice any growth, and then all of a sudden in a span of five weeks it grows over 15 feet, because you find the right seeds you watered it to get it to success!

Once you learn how to work your own land, you can then begin to live your life on your own terms.

Living Life on My Own Terms Hack – Terry Crews

Back in high school we had a team that was destined to go to state. We had a team that we were supposed to crush, but they came out and tried something different and didn’t pass the ball up court and with no shot clocks, that kept us from having the ball. And it was working, as they were up 47-45. With less than 10 seconds they made a mistake and I stole the ball and with time running out 5…4…3..2..1, I took the shot…and missed. After the game the coach said I had made a major mistake by not passing it to our star player to take the shot and the entire school and teachers and students ridiculed me. It was even in the school paper that I had failed. And a dark cloud covered me everywhere I went as I internalized the loss! A few days later, as I sat alone in my room, which was rare with a big family, I had another thought that pierced thru my sadness! I took the shot! It was invigorating! Even exciting! Hey, when all the chips were on the line, you didn’t leave your future up to others! You took your shot! Instantly I felt free and in control! I knew from then on that I could have the courage to fail on my own terms! From that moment, I decided that if I was going to succeed or fail, it was going to be up to me! I was changed forever! 

Living life on your terms is about taking control of your own life. Once you have that control, you can begin working toward goals that you have for yourself. The best way to do this is to think of it in micro terms.

Micro Lives Hack – Tim Ferris

How do you live your ultimate dream life now?  Many of us plan on doing all these really cool things but save if for when we retire. So, we all have these dreams of doing all these cool things! Whether it’s learning a new language, playing the piano, traveling, or spending time with family. When we retire at 50-60, we may not be able to do most of those things and then it becomes too late. So Instead of planning on doing something someday in the future that is the unknown, I live out my life goals based on six months.

Find out what you would like to do now! Let’s say you’ve always wanted to live in Italy and want to learn the language. You can make a list of seeing how much it would cost for you to actually be living there, and what you have to do to reach that goal.

Do you want to be doing this in six months? If you know what you want to do, and what you want to have, you can do that and you’re able to plan it out! I’m now saying what would it cost to plan out things if you can do it? So, live comfortably and be able to be live where you want and have that experience. And after six months or so, if your goal was to live in Paris, now you can go ahead and make another goal to allow you to do that. This requires you to think outside the box and how you would be able to do it!

Since I’ve come up with this 6-month micro lives vs. retirement goals, there have been thousands of people who’ve implemented it. They’ve been able to live that kind of lifestyle and do whatever they could do because they now realize that they can have the dream life they always wanted now, versus some unknown time in the future where they’re not sure if it will ever happen. Yes, this micro life hack allows you to carpe diem my friends… Seize the day! No need to wait! Live life now!

If you are having troubles visualizing your life in 6 month increments or if retirement goals still seem a lifetime away, try thinking of your life as a series of races to run.

The Different Types of Races you Run in Life Hack – Alex Dee

There are different types of races that you run in life! The first one is just doing enough to being able to run in the race in the first place. That’s just the race of life and that’s just to be able to survive. It’s not even to get on the track, but just to be able to survive is the first level!

The next level is where you’re living life where you’re actually able to earn a spot to be able to compete with others. That’s where you are able to get on the track and be able to be present. While you may not win the first few races, you’re able to stay on the track and make tweaks, take the lessons, and eventually you can go ahead and be able to run and compete in the races where you start winning in the game of life.

You’ve gone to a place where you’re succeeding and so now not only are you winning right now, you have to get to a place where you want to keep winning. The challenge with that is that what got you to win the race the first time may not be what it requires you to do to continue to win. It might be a different workout, or it might be a different strategy, so you’re constantly going to be winning and losing!

For some people when they start losing it’s hard for them to keep wanting to be in the race. They go all the way back to just arriving because they lost their chance, their passion, or the desire to believe in themselves. They start doubting their ability to be able to come back and win the race!

For those that do start again, they usually realize it’s a lot easier to get back into it and to win the next time because they’ve learned all these lessons about all the different ways, based on wins and losses the previous times and they start winning again and get back on the track again.

For those that stay on the track and keep winning, if they’re lucky enough, they’re able to have enough success that it makes a change and impact the changes from being there in a race. To some, the individual race becomes a relay where they’re able to hand off the baton to someone else and allow them to continue to run that path with them! They may not be as fast, but once they hand it off that person can now continue the journey because they’ve had that much of an impact and the race turn into a relay, and it’s set the path for others.

A great example of this is Denzel Washington. He ended up paying for a scholarship for the guy who now is the star of the movie black panther, Chadwick Boseman! By doing so he made him believe in himself and now Black Panther has changed the way African Americans see themselves. We’ve gone from civil rights case Brown vs. Board of Education, where children would look at a black doll and a white doll and a black child would literally pick the white doll as being the better doll, proving that separate does not necessarily mean equal! To today, where Sydney Poitier broke down walls as an actor, to where Denzel Washington broke down walls by running his race, failing, and staying in long enough to succeed. And by doing so led them to the path that was set before for others to be able to create a historic movie where it epitomizes the way African-Americans should be able to see themselves: As kings and queens, as beautiful souls so they can have a different narrative to run for their life.

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