Agency Marketing

Agency Marketing with Alex Dee

Our marketing and consulting agency specializes in each of the following:

* Marketing
* Funnels
* Copy
* Webinars or VSLs
* Sales
* Conversions
* Running ads, and then
* Scaling

When a client gets started with us, we do a deep dive strategy session to define exactly who is their target market, what is that target market’s pains and all the questions they could have, we then frame our marketing from ad to funnel to sale to assure they get results.

We start with Facebook or YouTube as the main platform to test ads, depending on which platform is ideal for you as the client. Once the conversions are there where the ads are profitable (Ex. You spend 50 cents and you make $1) then we scale the ads while carefully making sure we attain profit throughout the scaling process.

Usually to build a winning formula from ideal to scale, you need an entire team so you can get the right prospect to see the right copy to become the perfect client. Because we have a team of experts who have over 10 years of experience, each in their own respective fields, we know how to put an offer together for you that converts!

And we’ve done it in every type of space from eCommerce to coaching to info products so most likely we’ll know your demographics better or as good as you do as we’ve had clients in similar niche so we can use our expertise to shorten the process from discovery call to sale!

Next, we’ll show you not only how to retain your clients but also how to turn them into referral machines thru different marketing strategies that will save you both time and money on attaining new clients.

Jay Abraham, the Godfather of marketing, said after working with several of the top companies in the world, that 76% of your new clients come from referrals. So why spend more money on attaining new clients where you can get referrals from existing ones as well as get the current clients buying more from you.

We’ll show you how you can do this and, in some cases, build a movement around it so you can get the viral effect working for you!

Our job is to give you the full arsenal of what you need in one resource, us, so you got it all handled with one team where everyone already knows each other and works together well.

And one point of contact so while all this is happening in the background and so you can you sign off on each phase and it looks effortless and seamless on your end. This way, you can focus on what matters, crafting the message and taking good care of your clients once your marketing kicks in and your sales start soaring.

So we just covered what we can do for you!

Now let’s talk about the type of clients that are perfect for us!

You need to have 3 things:

1. A product or service where you’re either the best in the market or that create a significant positive impact in the lives of your clients.

Money is great, but it’s not all about money.

We want to know when we put our talents to use and help you accomplish your goals, it’s going bless the lives of those who do business with you. That satisfies our main company value of bringing positive impact in the world

2. Willing to do whatever it takes to make your vision come to reality

You’re an expert in your realm. We need you to trust we’re an expert in ours and we’ll show you plenty of case studies to make sure you believe it before we get started.

But once we determine it’s a good fit, you got to be coach-able and be ready to put the work in to create what’s required to build the brand you always wanted.

We can work with your timelines so we’re all on the same page, and just like eating an elephant, it’s going to be one bite at a time. But ultimately, we’ll put together the tools to make the perfect message that gets you your ideal clients, but you got to be ready to get the message out there.

3. Realize that this is not about reaching one particular goal, but an “infinite game”

We’ve done this enough times where we know once you attain success, it will only bring on more success. So you got to be prepared once we hit the numbers, it will be about fulfillment, growth, hiring a team, and all the cool “challenges” that come with running a successful company that’s ready to scale.

We do have resources there too for what you may need as we work with some of the best in the industry.

Be it referring you to sales teams, hiring a COO or other experts for your internal team, or processes to put into place to serve your clients, we’ll be happy to serve you to keep achieving your goals so you can scale.

But you have to be mentally prepared for that process. And success, as Simon Sinek defines it, is an infinite game. So it’s more about the transformation happening within you and taking care of your people, both your internal team and clients, than hitting an arbitrary number and then setting goals to hit new ones.

That said, if everything above resonates for you, then fill out the form below so we can schedule a discovery call to determine how we can best serve you. And by the end of the call, you’ll know exactly how we can take your brand from where it is to converting and scaling while working with your dream clients and doing it with a team you’ll love enjoying work with throughout the journey!

Look forward to helping you make a positive impact in the world together!

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