About Alex Dee

Alex Dee has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He’s had lots of successes and failures. However, it’s been the journey through the adversities that he’s faced in both life and business that’s gotten him to where he is today!

He’s shared the stage with greats like Les Brown. He has been able to work directly with some of the biggest and best entrepreneurs and business owners in the world including Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, and many many more!

He’s now taken those strategies and has added his own personal insights through his success hacks! This is his passion and way of sharing his entrepreneurial lessons so others can achieve results faster and avoid the same mistakes! From novice to seasoned entrepreneurs, you will find great perspectives on all different facets of life, including not only business but relationships and health as well!

Alex also loves to help business owners scale by using online as the main medium to bring in both sales and build relationships with those customers! He only has one rule in working with business owners: they have to provide value to the world and care about their customers! He works with everyone, from local restaurant owners to realtors who want to bring in more clients by using online strategies to higher revenue-based business. He shows them how to build out the online process that will not only bring in more revenue but how to do it quickly while reducing the time they do it. This way they can focus on other priorities that are important to them in life! In the end, it’s all about results and he’s willing to back that up for his clients! His passion is in helping that company succeed because when they provide great value, now they can positively impact more people across their communities and even the world!

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